I l o v e…he l o v e s….

I love when he brushes my hair without me asking him to while we’re cuddling on the couch taking in a DVD.

He loves that doing so turns me on.

I love when he sends me a text or email just to say good morning or good night.
He loves that I text or email back something naughty.

I love that he knows which side of the sidewalk to walk on and does so consistently when he walks with me.
He loves that I always take his hand in mine when we walk together.

I love that he just laughs and doesn’t get upset when I’m being silly or ridiculous.
He loves that he gets properly rewarded for supporting me when I’m stressed out.

I love when he cooks for me.
He loves when I cook for him…with only my heels on.

I love what it means when his eyes swell up with tears when we have to say goodbye.
He loves that I do the same.

I love that he knows how to be romantic and IS romantic.
He loves that I like getting down and dirty with him probably even more than being romanced.

I love when he tells me how much he enjoys spending time with me.
He loves that I’m just like one of his boys, except I’m sexier!

I love when he looks at me and I know what the “look” means.
He loves that I don’t beat the bush and I always say what I mean and what I want.

I love that his libido matches mine.
He loves when I initiate…

I love that he kisses me on the forehead or on top of my head; I know exactly what it means.
He loves that he doesn’t have to remind me that he cares because he knows that I know he does.

I love when he is mentally, emotionally, and physically vulnerable with me.
He loves that he trusts me enough to do those things.

I love when he’s happy.
He loves knowing that I’ll always do what needs to be done to keep him smiling.


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