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9 Years Ago Today…

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Couple Kissing at Sunset — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

…I washed my hair that morning and put it in a high pony tail where the tail flowed all the down to the area of my back that lies between my shoulder blades. I wore a black skirt with a white flower embroided on the thigh. My  form fitting tank top and blazer matched the white sling back pumps with black heels I had on my feet. I sprayed “Hypnotize” by Dior into the air and walked through it…then looked in the mirror. The pink glossed lips on the make-up free face of a young lady whom anyone would have thought was 21 years old looked back at me. But I wasn’t 21. I was 31 and in love: the glow of love, and the happiness that emanated from that fabulous love was my fountain of youth.

With a nod of approval and a slight smile, I turned to grab my pocket book, walked through my front door… I practically skipped over to my SUV. I jumped in without hesitation to make the 4 hour drive.

I drove all the way to my destination without stopping, singing songs like, “Is This Love” by Bob Marley on the way, my hands slapping the steering wheel in rhythm; head dancing along with my body.

And then I arrived in his town, at his job…both for the very first time.

Quickly, my lover came to greet me. He opened the driver’s door and I stepped out  to stand face to face with him, or rather, face (mine) to chest (his).

He simply smiled and looked down at me with his dancing brown eyes. He did not immediately say anything. I smiled back. And then he said, “You are a beautiful woman.”

I hugged him and thanked him, squeezing him with all of my gentle might- my arms around his waist and my eyes closed tightly…I kept holding on. I didn’t ever want to lose that moment.

What both of us didn’t know then was that it wasn’t what I was wearing or how I did my hair that made me pretty or beautiful or a goddess, as my lover frequently called me. It wasn’t the youthful genes of my mother and her ancestors flowing through my veins. It was something my grandmother said to me that morning as I visited her.

“I don’t know who or what that man’s name is, but you have to keep him.” I asked her why. She answered, “I’ve never seen you look as beautiful and happy as you do now. Never, ever. But every woman should look this beautiful at some point in her life and not just on her wedding day.”

So to the man who gave me that stunningly beautiful day where I believed I truly was beautiful and completely loved for who I am, as you looked through me- beyond the shallowness of outward beauty and into my soul: thank you for August 28th, 2007.

The love of a good man really can change you inside out…literally. And positively.


The Good Girl Guide Books

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Since so many have asked, I wrote a book…yay! You can find information about it on my website: Good Girl Guide Books .

Of COURSE I l o v e L O V E!

Posted in Miscellaneous on June 17, 2015 by Sam

You all know that I believe that friendship is a necessary part of a relationship for it to work on a long-term basis. While we don’t tell one person everything, your spouse/mate has got to be the kind of friend whom you CAN tell everything to, the one person whom you are not afraid to be yourself with and the one person whom you are not afraid to tell intimate things about yourself – you can be, and want to be vulnerable with them and doing those things come natural with this person. Love alone doesn’t cover those things – while being in-love is a great feeling, you need friendship to go with it. Perfect example…my father always says, “Your mother is always my friend even when she’s not behaving like my wife.” I can’t make it much simpler than that!

Being in-love makes you feel good, gives you butterflies, makes you anticipate being together, makes you daydream and fantasize, makes you feel desire, etc. Add friendship to those intense feelings, and you will also want to talk with this person when you hear good or bad news, you will want them when you need to be comforted- being friends with someone you love brings you back to them over and over again, and you never give up on them. It’s a rare thing- finding that particular “oomph” and/or chemistry that brings both of those dynamics into a relationship AT THE SAME TIME, but when you have both of them with someone, NOTHING and NO OTHER HUMAN BEING can compare.

*Jan 19th, 2012

Protected: He Treats Me Like a Queen

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H a p p y V A L E N T I N E ‘ S D A Y

Posted in Miscellaneous on February 14, 2013 by Sam

I can’t apologize enough for my absence and neglect of this blog. It’s not even that I don’t think about writing because I do…..constantly. And I am going to make it a part of my schedule to come here and write. Today isn’t an extraordinary day for me (as it is for others), but it does give me some pause for reflection: I love writing. And I shouldn’t allow other things in my life to get in the way of that. So I need to make time for it. And I will.

Today isn’t an extra-special day because I believe in showing the people whom I love and care about how I feel on a continual basis. And I have mega-love for the person in my life, but there is a love that is far greater than any other thing, place or person – I hope you all don’t mind me sharing (below), but you know…..this wouldn’t really be Sam’s blog if I didn’t get spiritual every once in a while! (smile) Happy V a l e n t i n e ‘ s Day, my loves!

V a l e n t i n e s Day

Protected: F a l l i n g like B e e t h o v e n

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Blog Update

Posted in Miscellaneous on December 7, 2012 by Sam

I have been very busy with life since I’m back on my feet and feeling better after my liver resection.

I’ve written a post or two but nowhere near as much as I used to write, so…back to writing! And I have lots of thoughts to write about! (laughing)

I’ll post some over the weekend.

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