About Sam


Hello, there, I am Sam. Sam is a name my mother made up using a combination of my first and middle names.  Very few people call me that, so I decided to use it here.

Some facts about me:

I work in healthcare.

I wrote a book called “How to Control the D*ck”- the first of 3 books in my Good Girl Guides series.

I am the quintessential erudite!

I am extremely resourceful. On purpose (smiling).

Why I blog:

I started this blog because people, particularly women, are always coming to me for advice and it somehow seems to work out for them; I wish I could say the same for myself about advice in my own life!  I had another blog going but wanted to start a new one as the old one didn’t allow people to comment, it was more of an abstract journal. I hope my blogging helps both women and men in our daily struggle to understand one another….which is probably never going to happen! (Laughing)

Warm Regards,


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