The most desirable man…

…He can’t make ANY woman happy!

There are two types of men who can’t make a woman happy – men who will always be attractive to most women but they can’t really give women what they need outside of the bedroom.

Most Desirable Man #1: The Charismatic Guy (think Bill Clinton)

He’s got a great sense of humor, he’s super smart, educated, comfortable in his own skin, passionate, reliable, good behind closed doors…one of the guys that everyone knows is a decent man. But, he’s selfish. Because while he cares about you and what you may have to say, he cares about about what he says and thinks more; life is on his terms exclusively, and the day he doesn’t get his own way, he will start to seek out a woman who will allow him to have his own way (and he might begin seeking her BEFORE he breaks up with you!): this is the charismatic man, this is what they do.

So what is the make-up of a man who gets his own way, or else? He works often and late, can hardly talk on the phone because he’s SO busy, he travels frequently, doesn’t formally commit to anything serious/long-term with you – doesn’t make concrete plans for things more than a few weeks in advance.

He’s great at everything he does, though.

Except relationships.

Know why? Simple: the only person he wants to be accountable to is himself.

Most Desirable Man #2: The Man who needs to find himself (or trying to find himself)

He’s ambitious, funny, sweet, and most importantly, he always does his absolute best to please you and make you happy. But…

….he’s fundamentally unhappy himself. He puts his freedom above everything. He struggles to maintain friendships. Hell, he’s still struggling over his last relationship. He just has STUFF going on emotionally and/or mentally all the time, and sometimes, these men are great at hiding this from the women in their lives.

Both of these men are bad relationship bets. Out of all of the men I know, probably 75% fall into one of these categories, so there’s a lot more men in these two groups than we think….if we really stop and think about it.

If you are with such a man, please stop wasting your time on being with a man who only has the potential of becoming something to you that he is not and will more than likely never be: your husband.

I’m going to challenge you to stop defending these men and making excuses for them. I know, I don’t know him and I don’t understand, but….if you were offered the job of your dreams and had to work for 8 years without pay before getting your first paycheck, would you take the job? HECK NO. Not when there are other jobs which may not be your “dream” job, but they may be exciting, nevertheless! Being with a man in one of these two categories is like working without pay, hoping for your payday to really come.

Ladies, you deserve better…so CHOOSE BETTER PARTNERS – choose a man who truly wants to commit to you if commitment is what you want.

*Nov 2nd, 2011


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