Why Women Sleep With Men on the First Date


Edited on 6/16/14 to add: This post is for people who claim to be seeking a relationship. This does not apply to people looking to casually date; totally different, and sleeping on the first date is, of course, appropriate and allowed if that’s what you’re seeking!

I was talking with a girlfriend of mine the other day, and we decided that over the age of 35, when a woman sleeps with you on the first date, it’s for two reasons only:

1. She’s securing a future with you because she can see that you are financially stable (this goes for broke women as well as women who have money/a good job/career).

2. She has low standards and/or possibly low self esteem.

Look, we aren’t judging. We’re simply calling it like it is. And what this is is quite simple. It’s subtle MANIPULATION .

When you reach a certain age, it’s not JUST about sex – you can get sex anywhere, any time as a woman. So when a woman meets a man and she’s interested in a possible future with him, there’s no reason not to take it slow and get to know him, make sure you truly like him, and make sure that he reciprocates the feelings BEFORE sex. Unless there’s a hidden agenda – you’re in a hurry to get married, have children, have someone take care of you, etc.

We’re not calling women “WHOR-Ena” (this is a “Sam-ism” and is pronounced hor-eena) when we say “low standards”. We recognize that the modern and common trend is to sleep with a man right away to secure your spot. But if you’re secure in yourself and who you are – if you value yourself, you can wait. How many men will you have to sleep with on the first date before you realize that this is not the way to secure your future with a man?

Please remember that we are speaking of women over the age of 35. And, of course, there are always exceptions – sometimes the chemistry is just right and things happen – people even end up married. But this is not the norm. So, ladies, take your time, and men….you were warned, so B E W A R E of that first date sex!

Interesting note:
100 men were polled and asked if they would keep dating the woman if she had sex with him on the first date. 90% of the men over 35 stated no, they would look at her differently, while 10% said yes-if the chemistry was there and they clicked in that way immediately, they would continue to date her, stating that this was much more rare than the norm.


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