H a p p y V A L E N T I N E ‘ S D A Y

I can’t apologize enough for my absence and neglect of this blog. It’s not even that I don’t think about writing because I do…..constantly. And I am going to make it a part of my schedule to come here and write. Today isn’t an extraordinary day for me (as it is for others), but it does give me some pause for reflection: I love writing. And I shouldn’t allow other things in my life to get in the way of that. So I need to make time for it. And I will.

Today isn’t an extra-special day because I believe in showing the people whom I love and care about how I feel on a continual basis. And I have mega-love for the person in my life, but there is a love that is far greater than any other thing, place or person – I hope you all don’t mind me sharing (below), but you know…..this wouldn’t really be Sam’s blog if I didn’t get spiritual every once in a while! (smile) Happy V a l e n t i n e ‘ s Day, my loves!

V a l e n t i n e s Day


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