Do Modern Men REALLY Like Curvaceous Women?

In the 1950’s, this body type was considered “perfect” – not the modern size of 2 or even 0. I clearly live in the wrong decade!

The woman’s body in the picture above is HOT. At least to me. This is how women were built in the 50’s; they were truly curvaceous – M a r i l y n Monroe’s measurement’s were 36-23-37. For SOME modern men, that’s borderline overweight. Look at this:

The modern woman’s average waist is 30 inches.
In times past, the average woman’s waist was 27.5 inches.

The modern woman’s average hip size is 36 inches.
In times past, the average woman’s hip size was 39 inches.

Think about that waist to hip ratio. Modern woman, 30-36 – a 6 inch waist-hip difference. A woman from the 50’s/60’s, 27.5-39 – an 11.5 inch waist-hip difference! It’s obvious which woman is shapelier/has more curves! What you see when you look at the women from 50 years ago is a smaller waist and larger hips compared to today – larger waists and smaller hips.

Women today: The beautiful S c a r l e t t J o h a n n s e n’s measurements are 36-26-36. The exotic J e s s i c a A l b a’s measurements are 34-24-34. Their measurements are supposed to be perfect as everything ends in “6” or “4”. The woman who comes closest to old school curvy is JLo, with measurements of 34-26-40- waist to hip difference of 14 inches! But I can do better than JLo with a favourite old school girl…what about the woman that men of all races and ages love – S o p h i a L o r e n? Her measurements are: 38-24-38! She is all “T and A” with a small waist – the true “hour glass” figure. Let’s take a look at her:

Is S o p h i a hot or what?!

As for me, I have to say that I’m proud of my 38-27.5-41 shape! (I’ll admit my 27.5 inches had the help of returning to running and a major illness that caused some weight loss!). If you’re a woman with curves, embrace who you are – embrace being H E A L T H Y! Guys….what are YOUR thoughts on this- are you a straight up and down type of man or do you love women with curves?

“I think the quality of sexiness comes from within. It is something that is in you or it isn’t and it really doesn’t have much to do with breasts or thighs or the pout of your lips.”
S o p h i a L o r e n


14 Responses to “Do Modern Men REALLY Like Curvaceous Women?”

  1. Sharon Satterfield Says:

    So far best post I have read today. The changes in opinion from the 50’s to current times of a women’s figure is sad. I love the fashion style from the 50’s and a lot of that style had to do with the figure of the women of the time.

    Curves are beautiful! Great Post.

    ~ Sharon

    • Thank you so much, Sharon! And I totally agree with you about the change of opinion. I think the fashion style from the 50’s is pretty awesome! I’m in a personal fashion phase of trying to dress more like that vintage look (more “dresses”), especially since I’ve lost a little weight that accentuates my…curves! Lol. Thanks for commenting.

      • Sharon Satterfield Says:

        Thats awesome and also funny. I’m also in the process of losing some weight for not only health reasons but so in May when I go on vacation I can wear a 1950’s vintage swimsuit!

        To me the fashion of that era had an elegance to it that is no longer seen as much in these modern times.

        Congratulations on your weight loss as well, and accentuating those curves is always good.

        ~ Sharon

      • Aww…thanks so much! I started running again and it seemed like the weight just rolled off, but it was really my illness-the running toned me up, I suppose.
        You must share where one can get a 50’s vintage swimsuit! How awesome! I’m sure you’ll look great in it…and unique.
        Reading your blog now – great posts! I especially like “Fears”. (smile)

  2. 2 questions: are you single? Would you like a nice seafood date with me? Dead serious. Ok, those aside, I’m in love with curves, ie that <.7 waist-to-hip ratio. It screams femininity to me and I just can't help but approach a woman whenever I see it. My white friends have been teasing me for it since middle school, calling me a chubby-chaser when my girlfriends were actually healthier, and it's always gone in one ear and out the other. I think women are supposed to look like you, like Sophia Loren, like J-lo, because that thin with higher whr look is one I see on a lot of weak *guys* in the gym, and last time I checked men were supposed to go for less masculine women unless they were hiding something. Anyways, stay healthy and keep doing whatever you've been doing – because the results are great!

  3. Disclaimer: I’m probably not a “modern man”. [Born in 1974 but probably 40 years too late].

    I’m going through a series of classic movie actors (Bogart, McQueen, Wayne, Grant, Holden) and I’ve come across several instances where the co-star is the iconic Sophia Loren. I did not know much about her, but found her fascinating, which brought me to your website.

    I’ve also been fascinated by the history of the ideal feminine form. Specifically in 20th century marketing (and how it contrasts with the rest of history).

    Historically, Large women have always been the most attractive to the male eye. Large breasts and hips were physical precursors to the woman’s ability towards childbearing. Its only in the past 100 years that the idea of a tiny woman was attractive. And if my perception of history is accurate, the tiny women have a short time in the limelight of the male lens.

    As for my male opinion, I agree with you’re suggestion. The straight “up-and-down” to me is boring. I like some topography.

    • Hi, Jeremy! Thanks so much for commenting. I agree with all that you’ve said. Though I am attracted to men, I can appreciate the body of a woman and I definitely do NOT like the straight up and down form that seems prevalent these days. By the way, I checked out your blog – pretty cool! 🙂

  4. It is interesting, yet tragic how the ideas of an elite few, with the power of multimedia marketing, can change the perception of the natural to the cosmetic.

    Unfortunately, this effect is not limited to the history of the ideal female form. The 20th century marketing empire is a powerful force. (I’m actually sad that the series “Mad Men” has really not explored that historically interesting plot line in its story telling.)

    Eat This.
    Drink That.
    Find this figure/form/physique sexy.
    Be attracted to this…
    Be sure to use this toothpaste afterwards, when you do.

  5. Very energetic blog, I loved that bit. Will there be a part 2?

  6. I think curves are what make a woman a woman, and a road, a road. Curves take you to new places you may have never gone.

    And I agree with Sam– inside and out–and think she is one of the most beautiful woman that ever lived.

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