Come Away With Me to Paris!

The P o n t A l e x a n d r e B r i d g e over The S e i n e R i v e r.

(The overdue “Cheating Series” post will be up soon)

I follow a few travel blogs and early this morning, I came across a really good travel tip about my favourite place in the world: Paris. Travel tips can be found pretty much all over the internet, but have you ever come across one that tells you how to do Paris in only 48 hours…on a budget? I think not! This awesome young lady even found a cute hotel with a BALCONY for only $115 US per night! Cute….and a good price? Both right up Sam’s budget-conscious alley! (Let’s not talk about heels – that’s a different story when it comes to budgeting!)

This is a great find and I had to share it – she’s even got an itinerary of what you can do/where you can go in Paris for 48 hours, and everything/place she has listed where you should visit is FREE!! When I saw her photos of eating crepes, I wanted to book a flight! Lol.

**Sidebar: I think I might have to add a “Travel and Cool Exhibits” section soon! (smile)

No excuses not to plan that trip to Paris that you’ve always wanted to go on but couldn’t because of a budget…let me paint a picture for you to ponder on: you’re walking on the streets of Paris, taking in the sights of The Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, boarding a Batobus to view the city from the Seine River, you’re breathing in the aroma of fruits and croissants as you stroll through one of the markets at Montmartre…and you’re doing all of this with someone you love (or at least like a lot!). Looks divine in your mind, doesn’t it? (smile)Some N o r a h J o n e s below to enhance your mental visual, and here’s the link to Paris in 48 hours.


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