A New Series: Cheating

I have had countless conversations with friends, family, acquaintances, and people I’ve met on my travels about cheating. Many of the things I’ve written in my journal over the past few weeks are about this topic, or some variation of the topic, so I decided to make it an entire series. People have a lot to say about cheating – whether they believe it’s right or wrong, that sometimes it’s necessary, that swinging is cheating, that once you’re a cheater you will always be one, that there are women who are way too tolerant with men who cheat, etc. I will tackle all of the aforementioned and more in this series. Like Love Letters, I will post one daily, and for this series, I may post twice per day as I have some leisure time. I hope you all enjoy this series; it’ll be VERY interesting! First post will be up later today…


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