She’s baaaack!

Hello, my lovelies! It’s been a minute, hasn’t it?

I had my surgery and I’ve been back for a couple of weeks – as you can see, or read, rather…I’m still alive and kicking! I haven’t been writing here as I promised I would in the last entry and I’m sorry about that, but I wanted to give my online presence a break. I’ve been doing a heck of a lot of thinking; lots of laying in bed and staring at the ceiling in deep thought. And I’ve been writing my thoughts down in my journal, saving them for the moment when I would be back on Sam’s Musings. And here I am. (smile)

I’ve got lots of things to share, so I’ll get right into it and will probably post daily – maybe even twice per day since I have some down time. I hope you guys enjoy my journal entries!


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