Uh, Uh, Uh, With You: The A r t of S e d u c t i o n

If you’re perplexed by the title, let me help you out: M a r s h a A m b r o s i u s.
Still clueless? Do you remember the group “F l o e t r y” from Great Britain? She’s the other half of that group and she did the damn thing on her solo album, “Late Nights, Early Mornings”.

This is my M a r y J. B l i g e “foreplay” album of 2012…I may lose some of you here, but true R&B fans will understand: it was Mary’s album that you would play when a lusty liaison was calling your name; there is not one person in my age group who is a fan of Mary who hasn’t made some REALLY good love while she played in the background.

M a r s h a, I think, takes it a step above and beyond with her writing skills which displays a certain level of maturity – she has been there and done that. Her sultry and breath-taking voice combined with the words of the songs just……take you there. This is not an album review, per se, this is more of a “this is what you play to set the tone….this is what you play to make a point”. I’m talking to wise gentlemen who appreciate and know how important the art of seduction is.

If you don’t believe that music – GOOD music has an effect on women and how they may react to you and your advances, here is a personal example:
We took two years to get to know each other as friends – friends who were attracted to each other but who were saving the ‘attraction’ part for when we were both ready to explore it. I knew the “first kiss” time was just around the corner, and as comfortable as I felt with him, I was nervous. He planted warm, wet, sweet kisses all over my face, he gently and playfully bit my cheek then kissed where he bit me, and then he gave me the endearing ‘forehead kiss’. Oh, yes – I was turned on. But I still couldn’t seem to shake my nervousness – I kept tilting my face to the other side when he would try to kiss me on the mouth. I laid my cheek against his chest while he held me, and right after he planted another kiss on my forehead, he said, “I’ll be right back.” I heard M a r s h a softly begin to play in the background.

“When I look at your face
I know what I’m feeling
Can’t nobody tell me nothing
‘Cause I know what I’m doing
‘Bout to grab my coat
Put the keys in ignition
Can’t tell you how long
I been wishing for this moment to

Uh, uh, uh, with you…
I wanna uh, uh, uh, with you..”
. *(see note below)

He comes back over to me and holds me again, our bodies begin to gently sway to the music and I’m captivated by the words, her voice, the seductive music….by the moment. I take his hand and lead him to the chair, softly push him in the middle of his chest to sit….I straddle him- my thighs against his – my knees pressed into the chair, I lean forward, give him the ‘forehead kiss’, then I kiss the tip of his nose, I place my hands at the side of his face to bring it even closer to mine (just like the photo ^), and then…

…I open my mouth and kiss him.

We sat there holding each other, enjoying our moment. We talked and continued to kiss each other for the duration of the entire album. We definitely had a “Late Night, Early Morning.” GREAT ALBUM for such times….for good times.

He has M a r s h a to thank for that first kiss. I’m sure he knew what he was doing when he put her CD in, and it’s all good; it was the right thing to do.

So, to my lovely gentlemen readers, music is an aphrodisiac for women. Use it whenever possible…and necessary!

Here’s M a r s h a live. Enjoy! *(See note regarding music below video)

*I do not own or have rights to this music. “With you” is written by
M a r s h a A m b r o s i u s and A l i c i a K e y s.


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