Take a C h a n c e!

I came across this quote today, and it really moved me. Sometimes, it’s so hard to do or say something we really want to do or say because fear is in the way. Put your hands around the neck of whatever that fear is – rejection, guilt, anger, squeeze really hard- squeeze the life out of that fear and just DO IT or SAY IT. Life is long, but short in so many ways which we overlook that are important. Don’t be afraid to be the first person to make amends, to apologize, to make peace, to make-up, to make things right, to tell someone that you forgive them or to ask for forgiveness, to say “I’m sorry”, to say, “I was wrong”, to say, “I love you.” You might be pleasantly surprised by what you get in return. Here’s the quote:

Don’t wait for somebody else to be the peacemaker in your life. Peace starts with you. Make the first move.” O s t e e n.

Great quote, isn’t it? Be daring….don’t wait…..take a chance. Make the last memory you have of something or someone be a happy memory. Here’s a really cool picture for some inspiration:


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