LL Series and 2 Cool E x h i b i t s

I received 2 comments about the ending of the LL series – one of the comments lead to a back and forth exchange for about 3 days between myself and the person who commented – a good exchange of emails.  The other comment made me a little melancholy – she was sad about the way things ended and was wondering if I ever spoke with MIC again. I did say that if I received 3 requests that I would write about where we are, but these two  readers’ comments were compelling enough, so I will post another LL – maybe later. I haven’t been doing much writing lately as The P r e a k n e s s  S t a k e s took over my life for a few days (a good thing!), but  writing is still a good distraction for me.

I came across two exhibits in D.C. and N Y C that I think are worthy of sharing- I’ll be seeing them as well. One is about one of the loves of my life…horses, at The National Museum of American Indians in Washington, D.C. – it’s a story about the relationship between the Natives and horses and sheds light on how we as humans interact with animals. It runs from October 29th 2011 – January 7th 2013. Information here: Horses in Native American Culture.

Another cool looking exhibit at the NMAI is in New York City – this exhibition focuses on the interactions between African American and Native American people, especially those of blended heritage. It also sheds light on the dynamics of race, community, culture, and creativity, and addresses the human desires of being and belonging. It’s running from right now until August 31, 2012. Information here: IndiVisible: African-Native American Lives in the Americas.



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