What L o v e Looks Like: B a r a c k & M i c h e l l e

I needed to write a “pick me up” post, and what better way to do that than to discuss the obvious love, chemistry, friendship, and connection between Mr. and Mrs. O b a m a.

Ladies – and men, too – pay special attention to how B a r a c k always leans into his wife; look at the body language (I actually took a class in this -far rom an expert, but I know a lil’ sumthin’ sumthin’ as M a x w e l l says!)  Then, look at his eyes – look at how he looks at M i c h e l l e.  You can tell a lot more about body language from men than you can from women in photos- the scientific reason? Men don’t pretend that way- they can’t hide what they feel. Ready? Let’s go:

Look at how he’s looking at her.

If a man doesn’t look at you like ^that^  from time to time, trust me – he’s not that into you. Notice he leans towards her as well.

K i s s number 1.

He is always kissing her! ^ And look at his hands – see how he is holding her hand…by her wrist? That’s intimate. And he leans into her.

K i s s number 2.

Aha! It’s the endearing forehead kiss.  ^ Notice his left hand .  Do you see how intimately he is holding her close to her neck? He’s slightly squeezing her at the same time. And, again, his body leans into her.

There goes that “lean” again!

Now look at this one –  ^ look how his entire chest is leaning towards her – look at how his pelvis is tilted toward her.  In body language theory, that pelvic tilt  means he is sexually attracted to her. That’s hot, isn’t it?

He has loved her for a long time. I’ll have to go old school to show you.

Look deeper.

Notice his ^ right leg turned toward her….now look at his left hand on her left thigh: Intimate. Now, M i c h e l l e is very reserved in her photos – she shows a lot of restraint.  Look at how she crosses her legs away from him.  But she’s a woman and we are much more complex and therefore difficult to read in photographs.  But she loves the heck out of him, too – I will show you how I know this via a photo…keep looking (smile).

Awww…Look at them!

Another old school photo ^ – look at how his right hand is on his hip – that shows he knows he’s a man of authority. Although his upper torso isn’t leaning much towards her, his head is – he is making his cheek touch her forehead and his hand is between her neck and her shoulder which is much more affectionate than just having his arm around her shoulder. He’s really into her.

Look at his arm.

She loves her some him. 🙂

Now look at the first photo how he has his arm around her. In the second one, she is ^ leaned into him and so comfortable that she’s either fallen asleep or just relaxing.  She might be plain tired – but look at HER body language now that she’s let her guard down. Notice how his hand has moved down and is around her waist. Remember I told you that I would show you how much she loves him? Do you notice where she’s sitting? A woman who loves her guy will always, on cue, sit BESIDE her boo when she can, never ACROSS from him. Remember in my L o v e L e t t e r series how I always sat next to MIC?  Well – there you have it….now you all have a real life example of why I used to do that.  She’s just as into him as he is into her. Balance: l o v i n g it.

Don’t settle people. If you want to be with someone, shoot for what the     P r e s i d e n t  and The F i r s t  L a d y have: undeniable and visible chemistry, respect, and love. Even if you’ve never experienced similar love and connection in a relationship,  after looking at these photographs and analyzing them, would you even want to settle for less?

This is why this last picture is so profound – it shows where they are with each other and all of the above is combined into this one “pound”.  It has love and friendship in it – they are saying, “Together, we got this, and no matter what, I GOT YOU.” Nuff said.

In my world, giving someone a pound is a big deal. What the heck is a ‘f i s t b u m p’, anyway?

I leave you all with a fitting quote:

Long as I know you got me, I’ll be loving you long time.”                         M a r i a h C a r e y’s song ‘L o v i n g you long time’.


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