Love Letter 27 – A Very New Beginning

Today is May 7th, and ironically, it’s a memorable day for me, because just a few years ago, on this very day, something major happened to The MIC that would completely change his life, and, therefore, mine.  Unfortunately, due to privacy concerns, I’m not at liberty to say exactly what happened, but….it was big.

I met him that night at our favourite spot, and he was late. He’s NEVER, ever late! That was my first clue that something was up, even though he sounded calm.  He called two more times to tell me he was coming, and the last time he called, I thought he was going to cancel, but he said he was on his way.  When he finally got to me, I’ll never forget how handsome he looked in the doorway…he had on black slacks and a very GQ-ish gray shirt.  I had set the hot tub for us, but he had something important to tell me.  When he told me, I was floored and speechless. But, he was in shock, so I had to keep my composure for HIM.  He seemed so all over the place, and I realized it wasn’t a good time for us to get intimate so I encouraged him to get in the tub alone and veg out.  I gave him a glass of wine, and I sat in the chair talking with him. After some time, he asked me to get in with him, and I did.  It was intimate, but in a very different way. He was melancholy , he was pensive, in shock, yet, somehow, he came across so resolved and calm.  My heart was aching for his troubles but this, I couldn’t help with, I could only be as supportive as possible, and this time, because of what happened back at his place almost 2 years prior, I went out of my way to be a supportive friend, girlfriend – whatever he needed.  He didn’t stay for too long and we didn’t make love that night as things were too intense. The next day, he called me and said that what he needed from me was space.  I asked him for how long and he said he didn’t know.  I told him if that’s what he needed, consider it done. I was, at that time, down for whatever he needed and wanted because I was determined not to let him down. During that time, he also told me that he had no rights to me and that I was free to do whatever I wanted and that he didn’t expect me to wait on him.  I was sad, but I didn’t say anything – I just agreed with everything.  I knew I wasn’t going anywhere, anyway – I was just telling him what he needed to hear.

As things started to get clearer about where he might be going, his life seemed less chaotic and we got close again. It had been 3 weeks since we saw each other and I went to see him so we could – I guess just to hold each other in the midst of his storm and talk.  It had been so long since we were physically intimate that when I sat on him to talk, he pushed my clothes to the side and started f*cking me.  I can’t lie, him doing that was kind of hot! When we were done, I kissed his belly button and laid my head on his flat stomach that I loved, facing him.  He reached down, brushed my hair and asked, “Are you happy?” My eyes swelled with tears – I kissed his stomach, shook my head in a ‘yes’ motion and said, “Yes. Very.”  And, I was.  It was the beginning of a new world for us, filled with possibilities, and it happened much sooner than I thought it would.

Over the next few weeks I had a small surgical procedure, and he called me when I was literally on the table – I wouldn’t have started the procedure without hearing his voice.  Once we spoke, I turned my phone off.  After the surgery, I went to spend a few days with him.  I went shopping and picked him up a comforter set for his bedroom and later that night he took me to his favourite restaurant in the area.  I loved that place.  I even met a friend of his who was actually the bartender. We had a fight that night, and he left. When we talked about it on the phone, he apologized for leaving and even said that he wished that I had stopped him instead of allowing him to go.  That resonated with me. The next night we hung out in bed together eating pizza and we watched porn together. Lol. It was a fun time – we were getting even closer, and I was enjoying everything we were sharing.

And, then, we had “the talk”. We came to a decision that we were definitely in a relationship and we should get to know each other even more, on a different level. He told me that if things became more serious over the next several months, I would have to consider moving to his town as he couldn’t leave because of his job – which made sense as I am in a profession where I can find work anywhere, anytime. Besides, I would have moved anywhere to be with him….even to Gettysburg (smile). The day that all of this was decided via telephone was June 15th, and I had “To MIC, R or D, 6-15”  engraved on his guitar a few months later. R or D=Ride or Die.  And I meant it with every fiber of my being.  A few days later, I met him at The American Museum of Natural History with my friend TLC, her kids, and my brother. As I was walking out of the building, he called my cell phone and when I answered, he told me to turn around.  I turned around, and he was a stone’s throw behind me, waving and smiling at me. I smiled very brightly and waved back at him…we said our “I love yous” and then I left.

I’m sitting here writing this amazed at how happy this post is making me – I have been smiling for the last three paragraphs.

I was so in love, and I was finally, completely happy and secure with the relationship I had with MIC – and that happiness was so intense that it still affects me today – I  can’t believe how I was just cheesing over here! (smile)

See you tomorrow for another Love Letter – it will be a reflective post, with post number 28 to follow on Wednesday night. I’m still reeling on the fact that this post is on May 7th, so ironic!! Quote:

He’s right – the ride DID just get better.” Sam reflecting on a conversation with MIC the night of 6-15.


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