Love Letter 26 – Goodbye, N e w O r l e a n s

I think I already mentioned how excited I was about this trip since the “no work” element was added. And, I was genuinely happy that he was allowing me to do something for him – he would never let me spend money on him, and it gave me so much pleasure to give him that gift because he had given me so many gifts – both emotionally, monetarily, and sexually, that it was, I felt, the very least I could do…and to this day I still believe that that trip didn’t hold a candle to all that he had given me.

I suffer from backaches from time to time, and when we arrived at our beloved cottage, my back was a wreck from the plane ride. I took some ibuprofen and was fine in a couple of hours.

I wish I could say it was one of the best times that we had in N O L A, but every single time we went there was wonderful. Yet, this one was different – we were REALLY vacationing and there was no tension, no stress, no fighting, no late night phone calls….just fun and good times.

We went sight-seeing like real tourists! Lol. We went to the Jean Lafitte National Park where the New Orleans Battle took place .

A canon on the battlefield

MIC even went up to the top of the tower

The Tower MIC climbed

– I couldn’t go because I didn’t want to aggravate my back condition, and I SOOO wanted to take pictures of the field from up there.  Some day I will go back and do that now that my back has healed somewhat.  We walked down to the river, and I kept thinking to myself how nice it was to just have “normal” time with HIM. We went to a plantation where many of the things were still in place from the old days, including a cottage that slaves lived in, and that experience was moving…for both of us, I think.  We went to Community Coffee over on Magazine Street

Community Coffee on Magazine in the Garden District

and read on our laptops. MIC bought us hot chocolate and coffee, and we were sitting there doing our thing on our computers when he peered over at me from the top of his screen and said, “Hey, Sam….are you sure there isn’t something we need to do?” I laughed and said, “Babe…no! Just veg out and relax – enjoy this quiet time.”  He said, “I just feel like there’s something we should be doing, or  something that *I* should be doing and I’m not.” I leaned back in my chair and looked at him and smiled. I asked, “Babe – clear your mind; do you not know how to relax?” He said, “No. Obviously, I don’t.” I thought about when we were in Europe and I had to get creative to get him to sleep in. I said, “Well, try.  Just clear your mind of all your ‘busy’ thoughts.”  He said, “I can’t.” I asked him why.  He then took his napkin and started writing all over it, then he gently pushed it in my direction and said,”That’s why”. I looked down at the napkin, and he had written all this ‘stuff’ he had to do all over it.

The patio of Community Coffee

I picked up the napkin and put it in my purse that was hanging from my chair and said, “I know you have things to do, but you don’t have to do any of those things TODAY. Be here with me, okay? Be in the moment and just enjoy YOU….not doing anything but being here with me.” I reached across the table and took his hand in mine and I smiled at him.  He smiled back and said, “Okay, baby – I’ll try.”  After that, he was relaxed for the rest of the trip.

We ate one night at the laundromat/grocery/restaurant right down the street from us – good, cheap food, and we’d always bring a bottle of wine back from the grocery.

The grocery/laundromat/restaurant – Schiros

Another night we walked over to Mimi’s and had drinks….then we bought french fries from the food truck outside – those fries were good!


I’m not sure which trip it was, but we went to another neighbohood restaurant which is famous called “Feelings Cafe” – they also have live piano music at the bar.  The food was expensive, and just “okay”. But the atmosphere/ambiance was VERY romantic.  We sat outside on the patio.

The patio of Feelings Cafe, one block away from “our” cottage

One night, he took me to The Bourbon House to get me a cherry martini. He might have had oysters there, too, I don’t remember, but this place was known for their oysters and MIC likes them, so I imagine he did have some.

At the Bourbon House bar, where MIC bought me a cherry martini

The bartender didn’t have all of the ingredients, but he’s a good bartender: it was the best cherry martini I ever had – really! We also did the usual things: we went to our bar over in Algiers, we went to the strip club, and we also spent time in the hot tub. We simply enjoyed our vacation and each other, for five incredible days.

A last look at the hot tub

You’d think that with all the time we spent there that we did everything we wanted to do, but, actually, we didn’t! There’s so much to do and see there – it’s a definite “must go to” city if you’ve never been there, and a place that is special to me because of all the wonderful times I spent there and the memories I have; nothing but good, positive, fun, romantic, and sexy memories!

When it was time to go and pay the balance of the bill, he contributed to it, even though it was all supposed to be on me.  That’s the kind of man he was, and I loved him, not just because of that, but for many, many reasons which go all the way back to the very first Love Letter.

See you guys tonight – tonight’s post is going to be VERY interesting – so interesting that I’m going to sit down and write it early!  Quote:

I would go anywhere with you because being with you is so much fun! Anywhere, anytime – just tell me you want me there, and I’ll show up. As long as you keep loving me, that statement is not a promise, it’s a fact.” Sam to The MIC.


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