Love Letter 24 – Celebrations

I have a confession to make:

Some nights, I have to go back and read letters to make sure my content is correct. When I have to do that, sometimes, I get overwhelmed by the emotions – it’s almost as if I’m back in that time and it’s difficult to write. That doesn’t mean that what I’m reading is bad, necessarily, it just means that it’s intense. I have to sort through all of that before I can write. Tonight is one of the nights where that happened and I was tempted to say to hell with writing, I just can’t do it tonight- I need a night of reflection so I can be alone with my thoughts. But, then I remember my promise and I come right here and I write. Most of the time, if I’m feeling down, I feel better when I’m done. And when I’m happy, I’m happier when I’m done writing. Bottom line is that writing all of this has been good for me and I’m glad I decided to write. So far, two people have written and told me that I need to make this into a book because it’s a great love story. And, I didn’t think that at first, but as I write, I’m thinking, YES, this IS a great love story!

After we returned from New Orleans, things continued to be good between us. We celebrated Thanksgiving together by getting dressed up for an in-house dinner the day before the actual holiday. I spent some time with him in his office and helped him do some work – nothing too elaborate, just filing and sorting. I enjoyed the simplicity of it – it was MIC’s stuff, so it made me happy to help him. As we sat in his office, I looked at him across the table from me, and he looked at me very lovingly, and almost like he thought I was very pretty….and then he actually said what I was thinking, he said, “You know…you’re a really pretty woman.” I knew he felt that way, but it always felt good to hear him say that, especially on a ponytail/hair bun day – which that particular day was! Lol. I had forgotten that I had written a little blog about us in the past – it was called “Our tale, The Adventures of Sam and The MIC.” That makes me smile. He noticed that I wasn’t talking as much those days and when he asked me about it, I told him that I was giving him space – I even stopped emails from coming to my PDA. Somehow, from that conversation, we ended up discussing why we enjoyed spending so much time together – was it because of how we made each other feel? While that had a lot to do with it, we realized after discussing it that we just really liked each other as people and that we truly enjoyed being in each others presence. That was a very insghtful conversation.

I was in a minor car accident and MIC showed so much concern for me. I went on a job interview in Minneapolis and he was so supportive. He was just doing the damn thing as a boyfriend, and I had never experienced such care from a man. We spent some time together right after Christmas and we decided he’d spend a few days with me around his birthday and I planned a party for him. He kept telling me not to spend too much money on him- he was always looking out for me financially, so I had to say, “Look – don’t you worry yourself about any of this – I GOT YOU!” We had a cute little weekend – his friend came and stayed with us and we played spades, scrabble, listened to music, went out to eat with friends and started saying a private joke (socialism!- only The MIC will get that) based on conversations that weekend. I had the party for him – I decorated my apartment, I cooked, I played hostess, I played Taboo, and in between all of that, I made time to sit on his lap and show him as much affection as I could (we were in public after all!). A friend of mine said, “You two have so much sexual energy, I can see it and feel it; I can tell that when we leave, you guys are going to have a good time with each other.” Truer words were never spoken…I think we even broke my bed one of those nights! Lol. And then everyone was gone and it was just us. Just the way we like it.

He did something so wonderful after that. He came and met my mother – just because I told him that she said she thought it was time that she met him. I didn’t force him or anything – he just willingly did it. He took my mom and I out and we had some light fanfare with tea. It was nice. My mother absolutely adored him, and to this day, she still likes the heck out of him. He and my mom hugged each other goodbye, and in that moment, I think I knew that I really loved him more than anyone…I thought to myself, “This is a good man.” And I made sure I told him that as much as I could. Those days were some of the happiest in my life and they were that way because of HIM. So wherever he may be tonight….and I can’t say if he’s with me, not with me, with someone else, or alone just yet as I’ve got a story to finish…but, wherever he is, I’m thinking of him quite fondly and thanking him for those times: thank you, MIC, for doing everythng in your power that you could do that allowed us to celebrate our feelings/who we were to each other.

See you all tomorrow. Quote of the night:

I enjoy spending time with you not just because of how you make me feel, but because of who you are – I just like the essence of YOU. I know who you really are deep down inside, and that’s why you’re always in my left tittie.” Sam to The MIC.


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