Love Letter 20 – L o v e (and lots of S E X!) In the C i t y

MIC was a little quiet and reflective when we returned from N O L A.  When I asked him about it, he told me that he was adjusting to being back to our regular lives where we don’t get to spend that kind of time together, and that the adjustment was difficult. It took a little time for him to get out of his sad funk, but we talked through it, and he came out of it just fine.

He came to spend a few days with me some weeks later.  It was summertime again, just like the year before when we first met and I was driving alongside the park to meet with him, and I was….happy. I was happier this summer, if that’s even possible! I was working again and settled into my job, I was in love, I finally had a new place and felt independent again, and the person who was the source of my love and affection loved me back. Life was good.

We had dinner at N e g r i l s – my favourite Caribbean restaurant.  Well…in the US!

N e g r i l s.

I was devastated when they closed, and even though they have another location, it’s just not the same. While we were having dinner, the oddest thing happened: my ex walked in (if you’ve read my “E p i  p h a n y” post, this is the man I was discussing).  He didn’t see me at first, so when he was about to pass me, I figured I should say hi, and introduce him to The MIC.  This was important because my ex swore up and down that The MIC and Sam wouldn’t last more than a few months and I wanted to show him how wrong he was, and I wanted to show MIC off to him. I touched his arm as he was walking by, and I introduced him to MIC. That was probably  a mistake because he text’d me the entire night afterwards, asking me questions about my relationship; clearly, he wasn’t JUST interested in us being friends.  Technically, my ex was cock-blocking. Big time. I had to nip that in the bud because he was being rude and inconsiderate, so I just ignored him and focused on the time I was spending with my MIC. We had a good night.  But that was normal for us (smile).

Then it was my turn to introduce him to a close friend (I met one of his in a previous post): we had lunch with my friend, TLC.  They chose Thai food and we all sat out on the patio talking.  I expected her to grill him, but she didn’t; this was a good thing as it meant she liked him.

We planned to spend the evening at home and we were driving down the street, listening to music and talking…it seemed like every time we were in the car together, the song “U m b r e l la” by Ms. R i h a n n a was playing.  To this day, every time I hear that song, I think of that time we spent together.  We stopped at Blockbuster and I bought a comedy that I wanted him to watch with me, and then he insisted on making another stop….this one was for flowers that he promised me – my favourite; stargazers.

Fresh flowers by the bed

He remembered that I always keep fresh flowers by my bed and I didn’t have any…isn’t he so thoughtful?

We got back to my place and, I’m not sure what night it was….but we were laying in bed and the t.v. was on- The Da v i d L e t t e r m a n Show…K e y s h i a  C o l e performed “Sent from H e a v e n”, and it was so….appropriate for how I felt at the time, I really felt like he and our relationship was a gift from God. I felt the words, “When love won’t let you walk away and you can’t help who you love” – it was so true, because God knows I TRIED. Lol. Obviously unsuccessfully. I made sure to send that song to him in an iTunes playlist; I used to send him music every once in awhile for his ‘pod’. Here’s what we watched in bed:

And that is another song that whenever I hear it, it reminds me of laying in bed with him that summer, doing absolutely nothing, and being completely happy.

He was leaving at noon the next day, and we stayed in bed all morning. I remember him giving me so many orgasms that I said to him, “OMG – I don’t want to wash the sheets because I can smell you and I all over them!” We just laughed. And, of course I washed them as I always do, but this particular afternoon, when he was gone, I pulled the sheets off of the bed and held them in my hands, up to my nose and just breathed the essence of him in. I stood there for about a good five minutes just breathing in those sheets and reminiscing on  our time together that weekend. And just a few weeks later he wrote something to me that when I read it now, I know that in that time, he was right: we had a very strong, very powerful kind of love.  He told me back then that for the rest of his life, when he thinks of me, it would always be with powerful feelings of love, and even if what he said wasn’t true, I think the love I felt for him was enough to cover us both (smile).

See you later, guys.

Come on, now….you know when it comes to YOU, I’m ride or die all day every day…of course I’m riding!” Sam to The MIC.


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