Travel Tip: L o n d o n-P a r i s-N i c e-M o n a c o

The F r e n c h R i v i e r a | C o a s t of N i c e

It has been quite an adventure for me to figure out a way to save money on my upcoming trip to M o n a c o. The average fare, round trip, leaving  from the E a s t  C o a s t of the US is approximately $1,400.00. And that just gets you into N i c e…you’ve got to get from N i c e to M o n a c o! Helicopter to M o n a c o from N i c e: about $300.00 round trip. Taxi: about $150.00 round trip.  I had to remember that my hotel wasn’t included in any of that. M o n a c o is on the expensive side, so I needed to plan to spend at least $400.00 per night for a hotel.  That definitely cut my, “I should stay and explore the city – I’ll stay for 5 days” down to, “Uh…yeah – I will stay for 2 days, 3 days max!”. Lol.  Without eating anything, this trip would have cost me about $2800.00. I knocked that down to about half of that with some creativity!

This is what I’m planning to do to save money:

1. Flying into L o n d o n for $580.00 round trip

2. Staying in L o n d o n for the day and then overnight at the H o x t o n  H o t e l for £1.00 – yes, you read that correctly…1 pound!

3. Taking the train from L o n d o n to P a r i s (about 2 hours): €57.00 each way.

4. Spending one day and one night in P a r i s – hotel: $150.00.

5. Train from P a r i s to M o n a c o (about 6 hours): €57.00 each way.

Note: there is only one daily train that is direct/non-stop from P a r i s  to  M o n a c o, all the other trains stop in N i c e and you have to either take a:  cab, helicopter, bus, or train into the city of M o n a c o (it’s about a 45 minute drive, 7 minutes via helicopter).  There is a bus that drives along the very scenic coast/The F r e n c h R i v i e r a and stops in several places – that would be a great way to get  some breath-taking photos and that will  only cost you €15.00.  If you prefer to fly, you can do so on one of the Euro airlines- they have a few. Off the top of my head I know there’s a R y a n A i r  and  ‘E a s y J e t’.  From P a r i s to N i c e, it’s about a 20 minute flight on E A S Y, and when I checked the prices, it was only €40.00 (one way), but I’ve had the DISpleasure of taking that plane in the past, and it should be called (as a friend and I said back then) ‘Sh*tty Jet’! Lol. They treat you like you’re cattle!

6. My M o n a c o contact found me a 4 star hotel for an unbelievable $220.00 per night! I’m stoked. Contact me directly  for the name of the hotel.

One of the 3 restaurants at the hotel.

Hotel room.

One of the restaurants at the hotel.

Total trip cost?

An astounding $1,580.00 instead of $2,800.00!!! AND I get to visit two other cities:   L o n d o n and P a r i s!

Granted, I may stay in either M o n a c o or P a r i s  one  day or so longer, but this way, it’s actually affordable to do that.

I hope someone somewhere here in the US can use this tip besides me- this was a heck of a lot of research!

Oh…food was NOT included in the total, people! Lol.

See you tonight for L o v e  L e t t e r s.




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