Love Letter 19 – N O L A L O V E

So sorry guys – I wrote this late last night and forgot to hit “publish”!

The MIC decided he wanted to have some “me” time, so I met him down in Baton Rouge about 3 days after he got there. He came to pick me up at the airport and he looked so…

…cute.  But he also looked relaxed and happy. And that’s how I like to see him.

We spent the next few days in Baton Rouge while he finished up some work, and I even went to work with him and helped him with a project that involved writing. You guys already know how I feel about doing that, so I won’t be redundant.

At work in BR. We sat here while he drank coffee one morning.

We went to the mall, we had dinner – I was the one inebriated this time, and he took advantage of that…not that I minded! I loved it when he was ‘extra-amorous’ and then he followed that up with some aggression! I tried to pay him back one evening by taking care of him in the car while he drove….On the way to New Orleans on Saturday, we stopped to do some tourist-y things, which we don’t do often. 

It was right up there with one of the best days I’ve ever experienced with him because we were free to do whatever we wanted, at our leisure, and enjoy each others company. We strolled along on a tour hand in hand, and when people would look at us, we didn’t care, we just laughed. We drove for quite awhile, and it was relaxing to sit next to him in the car, my wedges off and my feet up on the dashboard, my left hand holding his right hand in my lap, driving on a gorgeous day with the windows open and my hair blowing in the wind, listening to music, laughing, talking, and just…being together.

We were excited to finally get to the cottage we had been coveting, and when we walked in, it was everything we thought it would be: a private place that was romantic and sexy at the same time.

The little cottage we stayed at.

We could close the world out and cook, watch t.v., swim in the pool (that water was freezing!), or get in the hot tub…it was our own private haven. I had packed several bathing suits, or bikinis, rather….some picked by him…and we couldn’t wait to be able to get in the hot tub and have a private fashion show.  Because of the railroad style of the cottage, you have to be VERY comfortable with your partner to be able to share such an intimate space.

Living in close quarters.

Every day, we would go to work at that place with the delicious lunches and where all the clerks had crushes on him; he was completely oblivious until one of them REALLY started to flirt! Lol. Then she subtly asked me who I was to him…I didn’t answer because I was quite amused by how much they were into him and he was so NOT into them. He can be so dismissive at times, but it’s actually funny to observe. We had breakfasts across the street from the cottage most mornings; he would go over first and grab us seats.

B r e a k f a s t location.

Sometimes we ate breakfast outside.

Most nights we went out to dinner.

We ate dinner at this Italian restaurant a few times.

And a lot of the time we kept it simple and had dinner right across the street from the gym he worked out at

(I did pole lessons! lol) and we had sushi and drinks at our favorite place, sitting side by side in a booth.

Our favourite sushi spot.

We also went back to our favorite strip club a few times, and I even got him a lap dance – THAT was fun to watch!

Back at our old place!

And, no – I never got jealous, I knew he was leaving with ME (smile) and I knew what to expect when we got back to the bedroom…..or the hot tub….

We took the car he rented on the ferry with us over to A l g i e r s P o i n t. We got out of the car and walked over to the deck to look at the city skyline.

Ferry to A l g i e r s.

And then we got off with the car and went back to the Crown and Anchor….this time, there was no emotional tension…only sexual tension! We would have drinks, I’d gently rub his back, we would talk and sometimes kiss each other in between talking – I made sure I always sat very close to him. We’d walk hand in hand down Bourbon Street at night, watching people mis-behave.  Once, we were walking and he said something to me and I didn’t hear him. I said, “Babe – I didn’t hear you – what did you say?” And he said, “Oh, never mind – I don’t want to be disrespectful.” I laughed at this and said, “Are you serious? You just disrespected me in at least 5 different ways back at the house when you were f*cking me – we are WAY past polite, come on!” He laughed and said, “You’re right.” There were some moments that we experienced together that are so precious and that no one can take away…it feels good to have them; he gave me many moments like that.

It was all spectacular – no fussing, just totally good days, followed by even better nights that included sessions that started in the hot tub

The hot tub at night.

and ended in the bedroom, followed by morning sessions…sometimes, afterwards, we would just lay there and marvel at how connected we were in so many ways and how it made sex between us so…..unbelievably good.  And once in awhile, in the morning, he would be really quiet and I would ask him what was wrong, and he’d say, “I’m thinking about going back home and how much I will miss being like this with you everyday.” And, I used to think, “Me too” but I never said it, I just tried to comfort him.  Our lives were very different when we were home – we were just too busy to be so leisurely. And while it was getting a little easier for me to deal with because I knew he loved me, it was starting to dawn on me how difficult it was for him sometimes.  It was something I hadn’t realized before and it made me sad. If there was anything I could have given him, it would have been the ability for him to have my love with him….live and in person, every single day and night, just like we were in N e w O r l e a n s.

Love Letters happily continues tomorrow….quote:

I always want the best for you – in your career and in your personal life, I want you to be happy, I want you to have everything you want, and I will continue to pray that you have all of these things. I love you with everything I have, and more than anyone; I always will.” Sam to The MIC.


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