Love Letter 18 – H a p p i n e s s

He fulfilled his promise: The MIC spent my birthday weekend with me.

We greeted each other with the enormous sexual energy that we have and tried to help each other alleviate that energy. I met him at this really cute wine bar he found on the East Side and it’s a place I still go to from time to time- just once with a girlfriend, but mostly alone as I don’t want to share that place with anyone.

A c c a d e m i a Wine Bar.

It’s a special place to me because we had a good time there, sipping wine and eating hors d’oeuvres as we talked. I found out that the owner of this wine bar also owns the place where we had our first REAL dinner date (Love Letter #6) and wondered if that’s why we felt so ‘happy’ there; maybe the aura of this bar was the same as the restaurant.

Inside of A c c a d e m i a.

We went back to the apartment and hung out with each other inside for the evening. He sat at the desk in the living room on his laptop writing, and I laid out on the couch talking with him. We drank wine, joked around, and listened to rap music. Good times.

The next day, he did have some meetings so I went out and had some lunch.  I decided to go with mussels, as he introduced them to me at the cabin and I enjoyed them. By the time I met up with him and we went shopping at Arden B (he picked out some really nice blouses that I’ve actually never worn – still have them!), I was deathly ill; I felt like I was dying. I manged to drive us back to the apartment even though I felt like I might have fainted. And then the worst thing happened: I threw up. It was the mussels – they were bad. While I stood over the toilet, throwing my heart out of my mouth, MIC stood behind me and rubbed my back – he wasn’t even repulsed. You see why I loved him so much? Who does that? I was sick for a few more hours.  I slept, and he watched over me.  When  I finally thought I could stomach something, we went out for dinner at a restaurant that I like that wasn’t more than 2 blocks from the apartment. But we didn’t realize that on some nights, they have a live DJ – and this was one of those nights; we could hardly hear each other, but the music was great!

Outside of the restaurant where we had my birthday dinner - V e r t i g o.

I have to tell you: it’s been a few years and I haven’t eaten mussels since then.  Now that I’m sitting here writing about it, I actually, for the first time since then, don’t feel sick to my stomach discussing it. Hmm! I actually might be ready to try them again!

I saw him about 1.5 weeks later as I went up to his place to spend the week with him.  We’d wake up, have incredible sex, he’d make breakfast, go to work, and then call at some point in the day to see if I wanted to go out to dinner or stay in….and every evening ended the same way it started; with throw me up against the wall, hot-ass sex! One evening, he tried to take me back to the place where we made the promise to fight for each other, but they were closed.  Another night, he took me to a really beautiful restaurant on a hill – the food was just okay, but the atmosphere was wonderful and romantic.

Outside the restaurant that The MIC chose.

Inside the restaurant.

The view from our table - isn't it beautiful?

One evening, I cooked for him – I made peppered shrimp appetizers and penne with vodka sauce – it was a good dinner. We both had too much Pinot, and it resulted in me learning something new about him…it also resulted in a debauching night…

This was our favorite wine to drink.

We were getting ready to go to our favorite spot, N e w  O r l e a n s, to stay at a little cottage we had been dying to stay at but was always booked. We were going to be gone for 2 entire weeks, and I was elated at the idea of spending so much alone time with my MIC. Before we left, I went to see him once more at his house.  I am mentioning it because we had a very memorable lovemaking session in his living room, in the dark…right on his couch, and we ended up on the floor; it’s still very vivid in my mind even though it’s been a couple of years…as I said…VERY memorable. We were in lust and we were also in love, we were getting along extremely well – life was good.

Next post will be a very long and happy one. N O L A, here we come! See you tomorrow…quote:

I love you because of the man you are, and the choices that you have made, even when the choices didn’t offer any benefits to me. I treasure whatever “us” is.  I want “us”.  I desire “us” and I need “us”.  I’m not ashamed to say that without The MIC, SAM feels like she can’t breathe – how about THEM apples?” Sam to The MIC.


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