Love Letter 17 – He L o v e s Me!

And, we’re off again! This time to The C a r o l i n a s and back to where I think was our favorite US spot, N e w O r l e a n s.

Side bar: my timing was a little off on post 15 – the Superbowl bet happened AFTER Valentine’s day, just a few days before this trip I’m about to discuss.

We had a really good time in Chapel Hill.  When we landed, we were starving so we stopped for some lunch – Thai food. Hotel check-in followed by  “OMG, I’m so glad we’re here together” sex, and then he was off to doing this ‘thing’ he does: Whenever he has to do something important (work-related), he gets super-focused and lost in his work.  I mean, to the point where I used to feel like I needed to tip-toe around him.  It’s pretty intense, and took me a little while to fully understand that it wasn’t about ME, he wasn’t angry or annoyed with me or anything I did/said, he was just in work mode.  And, I also learned to really appreciate that about him because that’s when he’s at his best.  So, I just leave him alone and let him do what he needs to do. If you’re a woman and you have a partner who is a perfectionist, give him his freedom to do what he needs to do. Don’t whine and complain, just go do something you enjoy, or spend time with some friends. You’ll get rewarded for your patience, just like I used to!

I made myself busy by going to the mall. I decided I was going to surprise him later with something special for all of his hard work. When he was officially done with work later that night, he had me come into town to meet him. He was a tiny bit inebriated! Lol. He’s even MORE fun when he’s in that state, and his accent is also much more pronounced; it’s SOOOO sexy. He told me all about work and how well everything went – he was happy. And it made me happy, too – it was such a great experience to share his happiness with him. He always used to make me so proud. We got back to our room and I told him I bought him something. As we vegged out in bed – he in his required boxers and me in my nightie, I brought out a bottle of red wine and the chocolate covered strawberries I had picked up from the Godiva store earlier.

He said, “What is this?” I said, “It’s for YOU, for working so hard, silly! Let’s eat, drink, talk, and veg out together in bed!” By this point, his lips were stained with red wine, and I leaned over to taste his lips. We started talking and laughing, we were just having FUN. And then he did something so unexpected and out of the blue. He asked me, right in the middle of us laughing, “You know I love you, right?” I asked, “Really, you do? What does that mean?” We were both still laughing, and he said, “I don’t know, I just know that’s how I feel.” I was also tipsy at this point, so the ‘moment’ hadn’t completely hit me yet, but I said,”Aww – come here, babe” then I kissed him again. Our kiss became more intense. We put away the wine and the strawberries, and, well….you know. And, yes, I did tell him I loved him, too….somewhere in between all of the laughter and happiness…

It took him 5.5 months to say those three words to me again. And while I wondered much of that time if he did feel that way, in those last few weeks he was showing me that he did, so when he actually said it, it was more of a confirmation for me, and, well, it was worth waiting to hear, because that night, I know he really meant it. And, he was right, we didn’t have to define what it meant – it didn’t mean he, I, or WE had to ‘do’ anything…we simply accepted what we knew about each other and we had love.  That’s it…nothing more, nothing less. And we had some of the absolute best sex ever. Consistently and quite often. I was happy and fulfilled with him, regardless of whatever external forces were against us.

We sat on the terrace of Caffe Driade for hot chocolate and coffee to do our usual: talk.

For the rest of that trip, we went out to dinner, he officially introduced me to friends, and then we were back home.  Only to leave again just a few weeks later.

We stayed at this really cute condo in the Uptown section of New Orleans, including a huge jacuzzi and a large balcony.  Only thing is, when we arrived that night, very late, we couldn’t get inside. What is it with us and locks? Lol.. He was angry, and I tried to remain calm and somehow, I found the owner and we were able to get in. We went to church on Palm Sunday, and that was so nice- I loved sharing that with him, too, just like we did in Philadelphia. After church, we had brunch and sat outside – something we didn’t do often, so it was a nice change. Then shopping at Whole Foods. I cooked him breakfast most mornings, and he even allowed me to make him dinner once. I went to work with him everyday, and I enjoyed that immensely – I learned so much from him.  That learning experience is something I will never, ever forget, and I am so extremely appreciative for all of it; I don’t think he knew that the fact that he shared his work with me made me love him even more than I already did- that is how passionate I felt about him allowing me to be a part of his work life, which is so important to him. By the way, where we worked? They had the absolute best lunches! We had some GOOD food for lunch every single day – was the highlight of MY day for sure! Lol.

Work every day.

And, of course, we went back to the strip club! One of the nights we were there, I made us a bubble bath, complete with music and wine, fruit, and candles.

When we got out of the tub, he dried me off with a towel, and…..what I’m about to say is racy….that night, I don’t know what happened, but I think it was the first time I had orgasms in the double digits. I could say more, but I won’t!

Our last day there, we took the day off from working and we took the ferry over to the West Bank and went to one of the coolest bars in the world, The Crown and Anchor.

Okay, there’s some kind of beer there that he wanted to try that’s supposed to be good – I’m not into beer, so I don’t remember. I’ll let you all know the kind if it ends up coming to me.  In any event, it was kind of bittersweet because we were having some tense moments. We had dinner at the Melting Pot later that evening, and I wanted to make love but he didn’t. So we didn’t. I can’t say the reason as it’s very private, but I’ll point out that the reason was very hurtful and painful for me.

So, we got back home and at the airport when we were parting, I asked him if he was still coming in the next week or so for my birthday weekend as we planned.  He said no, he didn’t think it was a good idea. I was crushed, because he promised me. I still gave him a pleasant goodbye, hugged him, and let him know that I loved him. I’m happy to report that he changed his mind and he celebrated my birthday with me the entire weekend….that’s the next post.

I have to say that going back to proofread this made me feel so happy, especially the Chapel Hill part.  We had…really good times.  See you tonight. Quote:

“I love you. And that means that I don’t care about all that ‘other stuff’. I just love you and I love being with you; that’s all that matters to me, period.” Sam to The MIC.


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