Well, I’m bummed!

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how excited I was to be going to the Kentucky Derby. I have my dresses, and my fabulous Derby hat all packed and ready to go for next Wednesday with a group of friends.  Then the bad news.

My doctor says I can’t drive that far yet. So, I ask, “But it’s not too bad, just 12 hours and my friends will do most of the driving. That’s okay, right?” He proceeds to burst my bubble by saying, “Absolutely not. You can’t sit for that long. If you were flying, that would be fine but I highly recommend you not attend your Derby if you have to drive there. More than 2-3 hours in a car is just not good for you at this point. Sorry.” Sadness.

Should I not listen and just go since my room is already paid for? YES!!






Eh. Negatorous.  I’ll be a good girl and try to forget how much fun my friends will be having at the Derby watching the horses race, going to the festival, getting all dolled up for the 100 Black Men Gala, and drinking the signature K e n t u c k y D e r b y drink, a mint julep.

A tasty Mint Julep.

It’s not TOO bad, though…next week is Cinco de Mayo (celebration of The Battle of Puebla), and I will be in one of my favorite cities, having as many margaritas (sugar around the rim, NOT salt!) as I possibly can!

But, I’ll miss the races and the wonderful thoroughbreds. Next year.  Making reservations from now!



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