Love Letter 15 – At l a s t….H a r m o n y

It was MIC’s birthday and I went to see him even though we decided to slow things down a bit.  When I got to his apartment, he was acting…..weird.  And then we got into another round of, “let’s not see each other anymore”. This time, he seemed extremely adamant about it  – he was so serious, he actually left me at his place and went somewhere else while I took a nap to prepare for my drive back home. Before he left, I made sure to tell him some things that were on my mind that I think he needed to hear.  Coming from me, I’m sure they seemed biased, but at the end of it all, it was the right thing to do, and I’m glad I said what I did.

After I left, I was resigned to follow his lead and step back.  But then he sent me a letter saying how ambivalent he was feeling about not seeing me anymore, and I empathized with him – I understood because I was feeling the same way. It took a few days for us to sort everything out, but we both managed to get out of the rut we were in and ended up feeling better about the situation.  A few days after that, I went to see him and he started to flake on me while I was driving. I was pissed.  But I decided to go anyway and just stay at a hotel. In the morning, he surprised me by showing up where I was staying at 6AM.  I didn’t believe he was really outside, so I said, “Find my car and read my plate number.” And he gave me the correct number – I was so happy. He came in, we devoured each other all morning until noon. And then we had lunch and we had a good talk. Maybe people reading this will think I’m crazy because I kept going back to someone who was behaving like they didn’t know what they wanted.  I’m woman enough to say that sometimes, I acted that way, too. I’m also enlightened enough about the situation to know that he was confused and that I needed to allow him some time to sort out his thoughts and feelings. I needed to wait until he accepted where he was with me, I also needed to wait for him to be comfortable with where he was. And this time, I think he really was okay.  We made plans to spend the weekend together at my place in a few weeks.

About one week before Valentine’s Day, I spent the night at his apartment to collect on a huge bet he owed me. You, see, this was the year that the Giants won the Superbowl, and no one, including MIC, thought they would win…except SAM. Well, I won.  Big time.  And if he were to ever read this, he is the only one who knows exactly what I mean! We used to bet on games all the time and the stakes were always high. I’ve been lucky in that I’ve always dated men who love the exact same sports I do…it’s so nice to say, “Where are we going to watch World Cup?” and not get a “What the heck is THAT?” look that I get once in awhile. Some people think I’m a tomboy because I love football/soccer, (American) football, and basketball. But I was surrounded by men growing up so I didn’t have a choice when it came to t.v.! Lol. I didn’t enjoy it then but as I got older and became a goalie and a pitcher in high school (track in college), it grew on me.  I was also a cheerleader, but I actually didn’t enjoy that as much as I enjoyed playing sports.  Go figure. Maybe I AM a tomboy in heels! (smile).

A few weeks later, he came to my place and we had a wonderful time.  We went to the Kara Walker Exhibit, and then to dinner at the Bistro Chat Noir – his pick, so of course it was a great restaurant.

Where we had dinner.

We were the only ones there and we sat in the back for hours talking that night. Did I already say this was a great restaurant?  The food was delicious and their presentation very chic. I think one of us was supposed to sit in one of the chairs, but no, no, no – I sit as close to the MIC as possible! Whenever we are dining out and there’s a chair and a booth, I always join him in the booth – or I always make it a point to sit BESIDE him, not across from him.  Have any of you seen the movie, “Date Night”? Then you’ll know exactly what I mean; the married couple didn’t get why other couples would want to sit that way during dinner, but in the end, they finally “get it”.

We sat in the left corner all by ourselves....who says an empty restaurant is a bad thing?

This time, I was sad when he left because I was missing him already, not because I wasn’t seeing him again, and not because we were going through break-up number 42! Lol. I knew I’d see him again. And I did….on Valentine’s Day.

I made a reservation to have a spa day, and he said he’d come see me and spend the day with me for Valentine’s Day. I got to the resort the night before VD, and when I got there, I was walking down the hallway to my room and I smelt this very familiar scent.  When I got in the room, the exquisite smell was even stronger, and when I closed the door to my room, I saw a huge bouquet of my favorite flowers: Stargazer Lillies.

S t a r g a z e r s.

And he left a note for me – keeping the contents of that note private.  But, oh my goodness, how sweet, thoughtful, and romantic was that? Totally unexpected, and my heart just swelled with love for him and I marveled at how kind and gracious he could be at times. He was coming over early, so in the wee hours of the morning I got up, showered, and placed pink and red rose petals and votive candles all over the suite; then I lit the candles and turned off the lights. 

When he got there, well….it’s too x-rated! Let’s just say I was starving by the time lunch time came around. Before we left, I gave him a gift: an iPod. We went to the library and I helped him do some work….I rubbed his head, neck, and back while he read. I’m sure that the people who walked by us in the library thought to themselves, “Would those two just get a room?” It was the best Valentine’s Day ever, and I didn’t want our time to end.  But it did. It didn’t matter, though, because I was realizing that even though he wasn’t saying it, he loved me. And it was okay, he didn’t have to say it because he was showing it – more and more everyday.

See you tomorrow guys. Quote of the night:

…Intimacy is one thing, but to not have you in my life in ANY capacity would be far worse.” Sam to The MIC.


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