Love Letter 14 – Big Fun in The B i g E a s y

We stopped trying to put distance between us after our time at the cabin. I think we both realized that we were attempting to make an effort at doing something that was clearly difficult for us and almost impossible. I had a big event coming up but I managed to get to see him before I left.  He did a huge favor for me that no other friend was willing to do – and it was something so simple, but it meant a lot to me. I hadn’t remembered it until today when I was going back to think about those days.

We were excited about another trip we were going to take together – this time, it was to the Big Easy. But I had to go on my own little trip out of the country first – for a charity I donate my time to for a few days every year. I ended up staying longer than I was supposed to. MIC emailed me and said, “Umm…..are you still coming?” I replied, “Of course I am!” Though it was really cutting it close for our trip because when I got back into the States, we were leaving the very next day. Not too bad, except…..they lost my luggage when I got back, and inside, it had about half of the clothes I needed for my Big Easy trip. This was a nightmare. Thankfully, someone was watching over my bag because it arrived safely on the next flight. Phew!

And, then, we were on a plane, sitting side by side, stealing kisses. And then we were in New Orleans. My very first trip there, so I was excited. We stayed at a B&B, and when we walked in, it was a “Wow” moment – it was beautiful.

Where we stayed.

Not your traditional B&B as where we stayed was a cottage on the property of the owners, who were very good to us and made us breakfast everyday. I mean – REALLY good breakfasts like frittatas, french toast with some kind of  specially crusted ends – always served outside on the patio.

Patio where we had breakfast every morning.

We were given orange juice, coffee and tea, newspapers, and then left alone. And then he would kiss me goodbye and be off to do some work, and I would be free to explore the city.

One evening after he left work, we went to a Hornets game. We had such a great time, and there was a little boy behind us, maybe about 8 years old – with his dad.  This little boy knew more about basketball than I did! Lol. He kept screaming out, “Come on!” “Foul!” “What are you doing?!” MIC and I were cracking up – this little boy was too much. I’m smiling right now remembering that – it was too cute. 

Two very interesting things happened while we were there. Once, we were laying down, just talking, and I blurted out, “I love you.” I didn’t mean to do that, but it was how I was feeling, so I just said it. He wasn’t very comfortable with me saying that, so I tried to make it less uncomfortable for him by explaining that I meant I loved him as a friend. It wasn’t a lie, that was true, too, but when I said it, I wasn’t talking about in a friendship kind of way. I don’t lie to him, but I bended the truth a little because I didn’t want him to feel weird around me.  That was okay to do , I think.

The other very interesting thing that happened is that we had a HUGE  fight.  It started out as a small fight about another woman I thought he was seeing, and it escalated into a huge fight – the more I thought about it, the more enraged I became because I was feeling used.  I was so out of there and started packing my things to leave. Like I did before at his apartment. He asked me not to leave as it was so late – it was after 1AM and he didn’t want us to part like that.  He was right, and I didn’t really want to leave, I just needed to get out and walk, so I’m glad he calmed me down. I told him all the reggae music I was hearing in the distance from a club down on Frenchmen Street was making me want to venture out and he said he’d come with me. And then, I really wasn’t angry anymore…how could I be? I couldn’t remain angry with someone who was willing to be my walking partner at 1AM! We went out and walked around, and then we came upon a strip club.

Walking down Bourbon Street at 2AM.

I wanted to go in. I didn’t think he would go in, but he did.  I’m so glad we did because it was just the kind of thing we needed after all that fighting and tension. We had such an awesome time in that place!

And then we went back to our little B&B retreat and I did my best to assault him and give him his very own private show.  He deserved it.

The front door of Sam and The MIC's Oasis.

And then we were back home, and I wasn’t going to see him for a while. But it wasn’t so much a sad departure as it was bittersweet. He was going to be doing some new things and it was going to interfere with “us”. It was okay though,  I supported him with what he needed to do. Don’t worry – no sad times ahead! Next up we celebrate birthdays, a renewed friendship, and Valentine’s Day.  Good stuff! See you all later tonight.

“No, silly, watching you look at the strippers doesn’t make me jealous at all. I l love watching you have a good time no matter what it is that you’re doing, as long as you’re happy.” Sam to The MIC.


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