Love Letter 13- Secret Places and A Cabin by the Lake

I don’t know about you guys, but I am still sugary-happy over the last post.

After visiting the city of L O V E, we made one more stop in Europe. I am actually going to keep the location private.  Even though this blog is anonymous, some things I’d like to keep between HIM and I only.

I was bummed about the next stop because we were supposed to take a train there and the darn transportation system went on strike! One thing I did forget to mention about Paris: Once we found out about the strike, we went to change our train tickets.  Apparently, we ventured into a tiny bit of a rough section of Paris. As I was getting off of the train – with The MIC just in front of me, something hit me on my butt. And then it hit me harder again, this time closer to my back where I have back pain- but still near my butt.  I had an umbrella in my hand and turned around to attack my attacker, and it was this HUGE, Jolly Green Giant looking dude, with a Heineken in his hand, throwing out some derogatory French epithets, all while frothing at the mouth.  Clearly, the man was looney. MIC heard my “Owww!” scream and came right over.  He was trying to fight the Jolly Green Giant! I literally BEGGED him to let it go, and some people came around and explained that we were in a part of town where there is an asylum, and sometimes, they have “escapees”. Ah.  The lightbulb in my head turned on.  MIC was still mad, though.  I finally got him to walk away, and he explained why he was so angry – it was because of what The Giant was saying in French….apparently, I was right – the not-so-Jolly Giant was saying things that were malicious and defamatory. I won’t repeat what he said.  But I just kept looking up at HIM in awe….handsome, sexy, smart, putting it down in the bedroom, and on top of all of that….he defended me and my honor.  If there’s such a thing as a Prince Charming and a Knight-in-Shining-Armour, in my mind that’s exactly who he was in those days!

At the new European city we were in, I didn’t see much of him as he was on business, so I made myself busy.  I went to the zoo, shopping, out to eat, visited museums, and palaces; this town had so many palaces, it was unbelievable! I found myself wishing we were near Fairy Tale Road, the place in Germany where you can see the houses of Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, etc. I was walking to the train and saw some guys breakdancing in the street – I can’t believe people still do that!

Inside one of the many palaces I visited - notice the "tucked away" bed? (smile)

I got back to the hotel every evening exhausted.  I would rest for awhile, and then MIC would come in and handle his business.  It was great.  I ran into him in the elevator once when I got back and we acted like we didn’t know each other and then he squeezed my ass and got off without saying a word…isn’t he so much FUN? He was totally exhausted by the end of our last trip and I performed some trickery and was able to get him to sleep longer than he normally does – hopefully he appreciated me doing that! And then it was time to go home….time to say goodbye, once again. It was sad because we had promised that when we returned, we wouldn’t see each other for awhile.

And then…just about 2 weeks later, I was in D.C. visiting friends and he was….not too far away, about a 2 hour drive.  I suggested he  let me visit him, and he did. It was just for one night, and I got there very late. But let me tell you….we had a GREAT time.  It is way too erotic to write about here, but whatever was ailing me at the time, he fixed me right up.  It was a good visit – I ironed his shirt the next morning and he was out the door, with me not too far behind, back to D.C.

And then exactly 2 weeks after that, he suggested a time-out to a cabin by a lake as he needed some time away from the world.  I thought it was a great idea because I actually needed a little get-away myself. I picked him up and we were off for two days of bliss.  We went grocery shopping before we got to the cabin so that we wouldn’t have to leave. It was so peaceful there.  

We read, we wrote, we talked, we played scrabble, and we watched “Old Skool”, one of my favorite comedies. He even cooked for me – he made all of the meals, and he got me to try mussels for the first time after he taught me how to prepare and cook them. See? I told you guys that he always teaches me something whenever I’m with him. To my surprise, I actually liked the mussels. A lot. The best part of the cabin was the hot tub….this is another thing that is way too erotic for me to discuss here.  I can tell you that we put that hot tub to good use! Lol. And we never left the entire time we were there- I don’t think we used a computer, we barely had cell phone service, and there was no (cable) television…just us, for two days. 

And even though he hadn’t said, “I love you” to me since September 13th, I still loved him….I never told him that during those times, but I hope that deep down inside, he knew it because I did my best to show it when he allowed me to.

Tomorrow? Same bat time, same bat channel.  Quote of the night, “No matter what,  I will always remember all of these special moments we’ve shared together.” Sam to The MIC.


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