Love Letter 12 – Falling In Love Again in the City of Love: P A R I S

Who wears a dress with stiletto boots to take a train trip to Paris from London?

SAM!! Lol.

Worst mistake.  I know I looked cute, and I can tolerate heels for hours on end, but that was a no-no. At least for this journey, not FIVE  inch ones! Take note, ladies…be comfortable!

We sat across from each other, next to a mother and son. I kept glancing at the little boy because his eyes reminded me so much of HIS eyes. 

I was enjoying the view as we drove through the French country-side, thinking to myself how wonderful it was to be experiencing this with HIM.  By the time I turned around, we were pulling up into the station in Paris. Very funny story.  We get on the Metro in Paris to go to where we were staying, and he motions to me, but I don’t realize he’s about to get off.  Then I realize, “Oh, my God – he’s out on the platform and I’m still on the train, with no clue where we’re going!” I thought quickly, and I got off at the next stop and went back.  When I got off the train, I waited until most of it had disappeared into the tunnel, and there he was, standing in the same place, waiting for me with our bags. I smiled and turned to go to the other side of the platform. Although, getting lost in Paris couldn’t have been the worst thing, could it?

We got to the apartment where we were staying to drop off our things and we couldn’t get inside. Lol. After some time, he was finally able to open the door. Once inside, I dropped on the couch and he knelt in front of me, hugged me and then kissed me…really hard.  The kind of kiss that if I hadn’t put a stop to it, we would not have been able to get any dinner because everywhere would be closed! At this point, I think we both knew that any platonic situation we were attempting to have was done, and we accepted that. 

We left to find a place to eat, and he asked me if he could hold my hand. I took his hand in mine, squeezed it, and we walked together down the street hand in hand. We found a place to eat, and he actually got me to try escargots.  GOD KNOWS I only tried it because it was HIM asking me to, but really, they weren’t bad at all.

We got back and of course, everything you think could have happened, well…..happened. I kept thinking how beautiful the city was, and how truly romantic it was to stroll down the street arm in arm in such an awesome city with so much history, and I was doing it with someone whom I truly loved who was also my friend. Writing that just made me tear up a little!

OUR Metro de Paris Station (smile).

Part II

Our apartment building in Paris.

The next morning we had breakfast and then we parted ways for a few hours. I went shopping, shopping, shopping! All I bought was a pair of shoes, a blouse, and of course, souvenirs for friends and family back home; our money doesn’t do well against the Euros. I went and had some lunch at this really cool place just down the block from the apartment.

Cafe' where I had some "me-time" (lunch).

By the time I turned around, it was time to meet him at The Henri IV statue at Pont Neuf, so I finished the last of my Pinot Grigio (it was SO good!), paid, and jumped on the Metro. Taking the train in Europe is such a different experience than taking the train in the States, particularly, New York City.  I can’t decide if I feel that way because in Europe, I’m a tourist, and I call the States “home.” Hmmm.  Anyway, there he was, leaning over the fence (below) in his peach shirt that I once wore, waiting for me.  He waved at me and smiled – I reciprocated both.

Where he was waiting for me: Henri IV Statue.

We greeted each other with a kiss and walked towards the Seine River.  I can’t explain how wonderful this experience was for me.  It was almost like the movie I watched with him in Philadelphia, “Before Sunrise.” I have a post about that movie. Anyway, we walked along the Seine River bank and we talked.  I asked him about his lunch date, he asked me what I did, I teased him a little, we held hands, we walked, and we walked…it was, simply, wonderful.  And then we went to a cafe and sat outside, drinking wine…with the river in view. I was…falling in love with HIM all over again.  And, guess what?  This is where he got his name.  I promised you guys a name in the first post, didn’t I? His name is The MIC.  No, I can’t tell you what it means, but it is very well deserved and it’s his signature name (smile).

Watching a few Batobus' and Water Taxis go by, we held hands as we walked along the Seine River Bank.

Later on, something happened that made him sad and we went up in the loft bedroom. I held him and gently rubbed his back until he fell asleep. But, in the morning! Just thinking about it gives me shivers. You can’t stand in the loft as the ceiling is very short- maybe four feet or so.  We had some wicked foreplay and….all I can say is that I had my stiletto boots on and my heels were pressing against the ceiling…

The Bedroom Loft. Best place in the apartment! Lol.

I paid for it later on.  We decided to visit some places…Notre Dame, The Louvre. If you ever go to Paris, you need 2-3 days to explore The Louvre – it is massive! And filled with all kinds of interesting things.  Actually, I learned a few things from HIM due to that visit – things that I will always remember and am grateful to have gained the knowledge. But, then again, I always learn something from him every time we are together; he’s so intelligent and humble – he gets my sapiosexualness going! Lol.

The Louvre.

We walked and walked and walked all over The Louvre all afternoon, had lunch there, went back to see more, and we still had only covered about one quarter of it. Remember me saying that I was going to pay for that whole ceiling bit later on? I was in pain – my poor groin muscles were ACHING! But, I needn’t worry, because after we had dinner at a restaurant where the food was the absolute best that I had ever had- in my life,  he came came down from the top bunk and joined me in the bottom one just because I asked him to. He rubbed my tender groin muscles and then he put me to sleep.  It was a great day. And some day, I have to go back to that restaurant..and I will.

Steps going up to the loft.

I was having the absolute best sex, at least twice per day, in a beautiful, romantic city with a man that I loved.  Can’t do much better than that. See you tonight, guys. No quote for this one – none needed.



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