I woke up to a letter…

….from a reader.  This reader asked me some very interesting questions and I couldn’t answer them at first, I needed to take a few hours to reflect.  I decided to post about it.

The reader asked me a series of really intriguing and thought provoking questions:

1. Why are you blogging about this past relationship?  What’s the point?

2. Do you still love the guy in the story?

3. If you still love him, do you want him back?

4. How is blogging about it affecting you?

5. If you don’t love him anymore and if he’s your ex, do you guys have any kind of communication/are you two still friends? Do you know if he’s happy? Married? Dating? Single?

Those questions gave me a “Wow” moment because they weren’t questions I was anticipating having to answer, so I didn’t give them any thought. Now that I have given them some thought, I think it would be good for me to share it with you all.

My answers:

1. I’m blogging about a past relationship because watching a show on television resurfaced some old thoughts and feelings.  While I was reflecting on them, I thought it would be good to blog about because it’s a great love story, at the time the story was happening, I thought it would be good to write about at some point in my life, and maybe the story could be a muse for someone. It’s that simple.

2.  I don’t think love ever really dies.  I’ve loved very few men in my life – 3 to be exact, and I still have genuine care for each one – I want them all to have good health – I want them all to be happy in life and in everything they do. Once you love someone, the love is like  a light switch that you can’t turn off and on at any given point and time. Yes, it’s a light that doesn’t ever shut off, but that light can transform  into a different kind of love if you embrace it. Although, there is one ex that I am always going to be in love with no matter what – there was no transformation.  At the end of my story, you will know who he is, and please remember I said I loved 3 men, so it doesn’t necessarily have to be the guy in the story. In other words, keep reading! Lol.

3. I think I answered this in number 2.

4. How is blogging about it affecting me. Great question.  It’s actually affecting me in a positive way, mostly.  I’m realizing the depth of care I had for another human being. On a bit of a sad note, it’s making me realize that no matter how much you may want and wish for something or may want with all of your heart something to work out positively, I realize that if there’s another person involved, they’ve got to want it as badly as you do in order for it to work out. So, if two people want to be together and make a conscious effort to stay together and be committed to making it work…if BOTH people do that, it will work out. And, to go back to the positive way, realizing the small sad part makes me even better at determining whether the person I’m dating has the same goals that I do. So, all in all, mostly positive all around.

5. No, I don’t see him, and we don’t speak. But, I do wish that was different – I do wish we were friends because good people aren’t easy to come by, especially as you get older.  So while that fact is always going to be a bit sad for me, he’s always a friend in my head, and because of that, I pray for him every single morning and night – faithfully.  Yes, I have knowledge about his level of happiness, and he IS happy. And I believe that he is either married, engaged, or in a very serious relationship. But even if I wasn’t 100% sure about whether he’s happy or not, I think I can say with a heck of a lot of confidence that after everything I know he’s been through, sadness is definitely a place where he will not tolerate living, therefore, he will do what it takes to be happy. And I’m glad that I can say that that is one thing I have always encouraged him to do for himself….and if he wasn’t and we were still friends, I’d spank him and force him to go get some happiness! Lol.

I’m glad someone asked these provoking questions.  Gave me some things to think about.  Please don’t hesitate to send me additional questions – if there’s a way I can answer them anonymously as I’ve done here, I WILL answer them, and I’m happy to answer them. Later, guys.



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