Love Letter 11- Getting Reacquainted…He Kept His Promise

Hope you guys are having a groovy weekend! Has anyone seen Steve Harvey’s new movie “Act Like a Lady, Think like a Man”? If not, GO!! I didn’t think it would be that great, but I was cracking up the entire time; cheered me right up after the last gloomy Love Letter.


I met HIM at the airport and we had a nice dinner there before our take-off to London. We hadn’t seen each other in about 2 weeks, so it was good for us to sit down, catch-up, and reconnect.  He seemed a little different, but not in a bad way- even his hands looked…different.. As we sat there eating, I marveled at how much I missed my friend and wondered if he felt the same but I didn’t dare ask him.  Our journey was long, but enjoyable.  We talked, we slept, we played scrabble on my travel-scrabble board, I rubbed his back, we  read, we cuddled. Even though we were making an attempt at being as platonic as possible, one of the flight attendants noticed our innate connection; he asked, “Hey – do you two lovebirds want some pillows?” Simply amazing that even strangers were able to pick up on our vibe – even as we tried to “tone it down.”

We landed, we went to my hotel, we had lunch, followed by a little spat at lunch.  Totally my fault.  And then he had to go on a 1.5 day business trip.  As planned, I didn’t accompany him. But, I did accompany him to his train, and before he left, we stopped at a local bar for some British beer – as always, great conversation.  After he left, I wrote to him and apologized about our little lunch spat…I promised to make it up to him when he got back. I took advantage of my alone time by doing something I love: I went to afternoon tea at The Georgian Restaurant in Harrod’s. Hibiscus tea, scones, strawberry preserves – I was in heaven. Later on, I spent time with family at the bar downstairs in my hotel, which turns into somewhat of a mature lounge/club at night; good times.  When he came back, we went to a really cool Caribbean restaurant called Cottons in Islington.  This restaurant was a rare “Sam pick”. We had a great time and the food was good – authentic Caribbean food!  We laughed and talked over breaded shrimp, oxtails, and Haitian rum while the family a few seats down from us tended to a crying baby.  That baby was NOT happy – he cried most of the time we were there!  But we were able to have a good time, anyway.

Inside of Cottons Caribbean Restaurant in London.

On the way back to the hotel, we got lost trying to find the metro, and we ended up walking around.  I kept telling him to walk in front of me so I could check his butt out. Lol.  I think I made him blush. I DO like looking at his ass …very much, but it’s so tempting; I was THISclose to reaching out and squeezing it, but I behaved myself. Platonic. I had to keep reminding myself by repeating that word in my mind.  By the time we got back, we were tired and ready for bed.  This man, in his attempt to be platonic, tried to sleep on the floor. He is too much, he was actually laying on the floor!  I said, “Would you PLEASE get in the bed?  That’s ridiculous – you trying to sleep on the floor and there’s a bed in here! We’ve slept in a bed before without doing anything – come on up.” It took a little more convincing to get him to come on the bed. I was under the covers, and he said he’d sleep on top of the covers. Just very silly.  Of course I came on to him, and of course we BOTH ended up under the covers! No way was he going to sleep next to me and not be assaulted! Lol.  We were away from everything, in our own private world, so, why not? Besides, being that way- as close as we possibly could in every way, was natural for us. And…I think we both slept better as a result.

The Hoxton Hotel.

Yes, we were having a good time. And the best time was yet to come because now it was morning, and we were taking the train to Paris in just a few hours. I was so excited.

Next stop….wonderful, beautiful, romantic Paris.  See you guys tomorrow…quote of the night:

“You are the absolute best travel companion; I’m having such a great experience.  Thank you for allowing us to come together, but most of all, thank you for keeping your promise to me about the trip. I will never forget this.”  Sam to HIM.


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