Love Letter 9- Romance…Unparalleled

A little early today!

Over the next 2-3 weeks, a lot of things happened with HIM. One of the things that was happening was he was making a decision about where to move. I did my best not to influence any of his choices as I was still new to his life.  Sometime during that period, I went to see his new apartment. It was so…cute; I loved it. After looking at his new place, he took me to dinner at an awesome restaurant on a lake – he’s so good at choosing the best places to eat which is why I always used to defer to him for where we would go. This place was so beautiful, I have to show it to you guys-you must click on the photo below this paragraph to see it bigger and see how beautiful this place was. During dinner, I discussed with him my fears again…I kept having that premonition about being hurt. And he did something so mean (it really wasn’t!) – he used words that I said to him and turned them back around on me.  He asked, “Didn’t you tell me that you believe that love is worth fighting for?” I answered, “Yes, I did say that – I do believe that.” He gave me his very serious, “I’m not kidding look” while peering down at me through his glasses and replied, very adamantly, “Then fight for me (he pointed to himself)….fight for US, Sam, because I’m worth you fighting for.” What could I say to that? He was right – he was worth fighting for…WE were worth it. So, I just shook my head in a “Yes” motion and said, “Okay, babe, you’re right. I will.” And, let me tell you, there were times that *I* fought VERY hard to live up to what he asked of me. There were also a few times when sadly, I felt like he didn’t fight as fearlessly and as fervently for me or the relationship as I did. Now that time has passed, I’ve adjusted the way I thought about this: maybe in that space and time, he couldn’t…maybe…just maybe….he did everything that he was capable of doing at that time…

The restaurant where we decided that we would fight for each other.
Click on it and see how beautiful it is.

We decided to take a trip to Philadelphia to see the King Tut Exhibit. If any one of  you know Philly, you’ll know that parking there is just as bad as New York City.  I had to park a distance from where we were staying, and he came and met me at the garage. He took my bag, hugged me,  then kissed me on my mouth and said, “You’re so pretty, I had forgotten how cute you are.” Some men just know how to say the right thing that makes a woman’s heart melt. And, of course, we had fun, savoring every moment we had together, whether it was: dinner, holding hands while either walking through the exhibit, and then talking while walking and holding hands back to the hotel at night with the Swann Fountain flowing beside us, or driving through the Mt. Airy and Chestnut Hill section. Our last night there, we went to an Italian restaurant…I actually chose this one, at his request. He must have rubbed off on me, because I chose a fabulous place! Lol. It was quiet, just the two of us alone in a huge white booth that was shaped like a heart, and of course, he asked me to wear a dress with heels and I was happy to oblige him. I chose another halter top dress – easy to remove, etc., etc.! Our food was delicious, the ambiance in there was totally romantic, we looked at each other, we laughed, we talked, we laughed some more, we cuddled, we shared dessert, we kissed. I squeezed and rubbed his thigh and his back, and this time, I DID play with him by rubbing my legs against his under the table- he looked at me with a knowing look, smiled, and joined me in the play. Another amazing date. Then we went back to our room and he took my dress off and firmly said, “Don’t take your heels off.” I shimmied my panties down my legs and then over my heels, he held me close and kissed me again and again….and again…before I knew it, my back was against the soft pillows on the bed, and he was…making love to me. With my heels still on. We were….so damn hot together. And for reasons that only he and I know, that night was extra-special.  We went to church the next day together, and it was the perfect way to end our time in the city of brotherly love.

The view from our room at night. It's awesome - click and see!

We didn’t get to do our Mini-Cooper test drive as we planned, but we did go shopping at Ikea on the way back to his place, which was fun. I left his house the next day and was right back 2 days later. We were spending so much time together that it felt odd to go back to email, but the quality of the time we spent allowed us to reach a level of comfort that takes months or even years for people to reach. At this point, I felt completely comfortable allowing myself to be emotionally vulnerable with him.  And the best part? He was now signing his emails the same way I signed mine. He signed them,



It was awesome. I was so in love and overjoyed that it was making me glow like being pregnant does to women – people who know me told me how much prettier I looked those days, and honestly, that really did happen. The love and relationship that I had always wanted but never thought I’d find was now present in my life in every way: a smart guy, check. Libido compatibility, check. And…could I be brutally honest as well as myself with him and still be accepted? Big check.

See you tomorrow night…but first, a quote:

“I don’t know who you’re seeing, but whoever he is, I like him and he’s good for you; he turned you from pretty to beautiful – keep it up!” Sam’s Grandma to Sam.


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