Love Letter 7 – The End of a Great Weekend

This is how I felt....close to HIM.

I was both sad and happy driving back that night, and it seemed like the weather mirrored my feelings; it was pouring. I couldn’t stay with him that night because I had already planned to attend an event that my girlfriend was having before we planned this weekend and I didn’t want to cancel on her, and he didn’t encourage me to.  However, it was an outdoor event, and the possibility of her cancelling was looming.

We enjoyed a quiet evening with wine, crackers, and fruit.  We just relaxed, vegged out, and enjoyed each others’ company. I didn’t bring an overnight bag but I wanted to be comfortable, so he offered me his shirt. And I’ll never forget…it was a peach button-down shirt.  When I came out of the bathroom with nothing but his shirt on and saw him sitting in the couch, I knew I didn’t want to leave…I was going to disappoint my friend.  I asked him if he wanted me to stay, and he said, “Of course, but I don’t want to impose on your social life – you can always come back when you’re done.” But, it was raining hard, and we were so cozy, I didn’t want to leave him.  So, I called my friend, and….she said she was about to call me and tell me that because it was raining so hard, she cancelled! Yay! I put my cell phone away for good, and joined HIM on the couch. Somehow, he ended up laying on me, and I was running my hands through his hair (he’s got a GREAT head of hair), and we weren’t really speaking…I could hear the rain outside hitting the window, and I felt so calm, peaceful, comfortable, and happy with him.  I felt even more things, but I’m not sure how to articulate them. It’s a memory that I will always carry with me.

We eventually got up and retired to the bedroom…I can’t go into detail about what happened in there because this would be a pornographic blog if I did! But, that last night was so awesome, and I felt so connected to him that I didn’t need a glass of wine to let go of my inhibitions, I just let them all go.  I did and said things that women probably don’t do or say until about 6 months or more of dating, but, I didn’t want to hold back from him…he deserved my all, and that’s what I gave him.

In the morning, we went to breakfast at a famous deli a few blocks away, and of course, we had great conversation.  I even told him I wanted to see him with another woman! The thing is…I wasn’t kidding. In my entire life, I had never felt so good about a man that it made me want to give him all the pleasure that he could possibly have because it would give me pleasure to do that…I loved seeing him happy; it made ME happy. And it was still early, but I knew with every fiber of my being that we had something special between us. Something happened that caused his countenance and his aura to change, and I was weirded-out by it, but not necessarily worried; I kind of understood. When the time came for us to say goodbye, it was so, so sad. And as I walked to my car, I now consciously knew what I mentioned in Love Letter4-Prelude to a Weekend…I knew I was in trouble because I was falling….hard.

See you tomorrow – will be a rough post; very intense.  Quote of the evening:

“You’re a good man- don’t ever let anyone tell you different because I’m telling you, YOU ARE.  And, I miss you.” Sam to HIM.


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