Love Letter 6 – The Best Date

I was excited because tonight, I actually get to do what I love doing best: a dress with heels. I didn’t really give the dress much thought, but I figured he would appreciate a little cleavage, so I chose a white, black, and red halter top dress which showed some cleavage, with strappy black heels and just panties. The halter was kind of like spaghetti straps and tied into a bow at the nape of my neck which I think made it: 1. Sexy and 2. Easy to take off . Today was another beautiful day, just like yesterday when I was driving to HIM, and I mentally thanked my mother for being the extra-proper woman she is by making me take etiquette classes as a teenager; they would come in handy for dinner. Not that I never needed to use them because I did and continue to use those skills on a daily basis, but for some reason that I couldn’t quite put my finger on, this evening was special.

He was already waiting for me at the bar having a glass of wine when I finally got there, and I was having an awful time finding parking as the restaurant didn’t offer valet. I told him this and he came outside to sit with me in the car and help me find a space. When he opened the door, he looked at me- up and down, smiled brightly, and said, “Wow, you look really nice.” There is no better compliment than when you take your time to get ready for a man and he acknowledges your effort. I smiled back, and inside, I was also beaming. And then he kissed me on the mouth and I started to get turned on…yes, just from that one closed mouth kiss…

Once we were inside, I stood to the side while he closed his tab at the bar. The hostess then lead us over to our table, followed by me, with HIM just behind me, and as we walked, I thought that he chose a wonderful place for dinner – aesthetically. I was hoping the food was as good as the restaurant looked. We sat, we conversed, we listened to the couple next to us and laughed with each other about what they were discussing. We had wine, I had a pasta dish, he had risotto (can you tell how great this date was? It’s been years and I remember what he had for dinner!). And the food matched the ambiance of the restaurant-probably the second best I’ve had; in an upcoming post I will tell you all about the night I experienced the most delicious food I ever had on a date with HIM. So, we ate, we talked some more, and we laughed and smiled with each other the entire evening. I wanted to play with him under the table, but wasn’t sure what he’d think about that, so I didn’t. We shared chocolate dessert which was also good, but which unfortunately, gave me a coughing spell. Sharing a meal with him, looking at him across the table from me still makes me smile today. I had a great time.  I have had dates since then, and some of them have been absolutely wonderful. But, I have to say that none of them, in all of their glory, have compared,  and this was and is…the best date I have ever had. So, I have to say it to HIM once again, “Thank you.”

My date was about to get better.

By the end of dinner, I had a little too much wine and he had to drive my car back to his place.  I don’t know why, but I found this to be quite funny. When we got inside, we didn’t really speak – he untied the bow at the nape of my dress and it fell to the ground….my panties ended up next to the dress, and we both ended up…

….very happy AND satisfied.

In the morning, we said goodbye – just for a few hours, until our “indoor” dinner later on. I drove away feeling a little sad because this was going to be our last night together…

Until tonight, I leave you all with another quote:

“No one is perfect, but every time I’m with you and it’s just us in our own world, no one can tell me that there isn’t such a thing as ‘the perfect guy‘, because that’s who you are to me and I take that with me when I have to go back to the world.” Sam to HIM.


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