Love Letter 5- Confirmation: Definitely feeling HIM

Reminds me of Joe's song, "Let's make a love scene".

*I’ve been having some ambivalence about continuing to post in this series due to people asking about the relationship ending and saying they don’t want to read if the two of us don’t end up together. The thing is….I started this series saying HIM is an “ex” and that the relationship is a “past” relationship, remember? And that is exactly what he is to me. So, with that said, I’m going to toil on, and finish what I started. Saying that he is my ex doesn’t necessarily mean it ends poorly, right? The most important thing to take away from this is that it’s a story about feelings, about lust, and about the love I had for someone- please be patient with me and watch (read) it unfold, and remember, sometimes the process of getting to an end or a result is even better than the end/the result!

I was on time!

Driving down the street, just a few blocks away from him, I noticed the park to my left. I also noticed the cutest couple walking hand in hand, and they stopped in the middle of the street to kiss each other. I felt like that was a sign about how the evening would turn out. It was such a beautiful summer day – not too hot and humid, as this particular city is known to be – everything about that day seemed….perfect. Before I was done parking, he was by my car waiting and greeted me with a kiss.

I didn’t get dressed up since the plan was to stay in. The dinner menu was sushi. And, of course, what became our usual to have with dinner…wine. We talked for hours. We discussed in detail all of the things that we had been discussing over the phone and via email. I thought I would feel shy, but I didn’t, and it surprised me. I actually felt genuinely comfortable with him and about what could happen. But I needed to know that he was going to be okay with going down that road, if it came to that, which lead to some additional dialogue. After he reassured me that he was in a good place, I found myself in a similar position – the same one from THAT morning…kissing him like he’s dessert. But, this time, it felt even better – I felt like if this ends up going somewhere physically, I’m really going to be okay with it. So this time, when he reached under and caressed my back and it began to arch, I wasn’t afraid, and I didn’t try to run out of there. Instead…I touched him. I reciprocated and caressed his back. I rubbed and squeezed THAT ASS! Lol. And with my legs wrapped around his waist again, I pulled him in closer to me. And, then I had to leave.

Oh, don’t worry the story doesn’t end yet!

I had to go, I had to do something very important and he knew about it before hand. But it was already close to midnight and I wasn’t sure if he wanted me to come back. This time, I made up my mind that if I came back, I was staying, and I think he understood exactly what I meant when I asked, “Are you sure you want me to come back?” He did. So I ran my important errand and returned. This time, my Guess jeans hit the floor. My black silk panties, which tied into cute bows on each side were removed, one by one – by his teeth. Yes, this man is SEXY. Maybe my shirt was off, too, but at that point, I wasn’t thinking clearly, so I don’t really remember. What I DO remember, is experiencing “pleasure beyond measure” (I told HIM that I would use that line some day!), I remember being so comfortable with him that I was able to let my inhibitions go to the side that FIRST time, I remember being up until almost five in the morning and not caring that I should get some sleep because the waves of pleasure I was experiencing kept coming back….it was like Maxwell’s song, “Til the cops come knockin'”.

At some point in the morning, he left me for a little while, but I wasn’t very cognizant when he was leaving. I went to the bathroom and when I walked out, he had returned and was coming in the door. I smiled brightly at him and said, “Hi” while waving “hi” at the same time, and he smiled back at me…he looked exactly how I felt….so genuinely happy. I went back to lay down and when he came in, he did the sweetest, most unbelievable thing: he came in with a plate of breakfast that he made himself, and to this day, I remember him handing that plate over to me in bed, and I remember what the inside of that plate looked like…he had made me an omelette…it had spinach in it (it was some green vegetable), and it was surrounded by strawberries. Ladies….does this man know how to treat a woman? I was amazed…he did to me what Darius did to Nina in “Love Jones”, the movie – something I have ALWAYS secretly wanted a man to do for me, and he had never even watched it! He got it DOWN….down to even the damn breakfast! And it was GOOD – the man can cook! And, you know that I rewarded him after breakfast…well, I attempted to because it was now 10AM and I had to go!

Mental note as I drove away: He gave me one more great morning. And I listened to Maxwell’s “Urban Hang Suite” and the “Love Jones” CD in my car, smiling, my mind re-capping all the way home…

We planned to go out to dinner later that night, and tomorrow, I will tell you about the best date I ever had. Yes, to this day, that was the best date I have ever had. I’ll end tonight’s post with a quote – it’s something I said to HIM, and I may end all of the “Love Letters'” posts this way (I won’t be quoting HIM, because I don’t have his permission to do so); please note that this was not necessarily said on the day the prior events happened.

“You’re such an amazing man. Every time I think you’re so sweet and I can’t possibly like you anymore than I already do, you do or say something that makes the impossible, possible.” Sam to HIM.


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