Love Letter 4 – Prelude to a Weekend

This is when the real love letters in this long-ago ended relationship truly began…

The morning after the first night, we were already making plans for the next time we would get together. We had 2.5 weeks to go, and we were both anxious for that time to come, but it was nice to have some time to get to know one another better, and we used the time to our advantage.

We had several deep conversations via telephone, and we exchanged – at least…200 emails! Yes, I counted (smile). We discussed many things…I told him about my name Sam and how it came about, and how he is the only person outside of family who calls me that. He told me why that name is special to him. I told him how stressed I was about losing my job, and he listened. I listened to him vent about the things that were stressful for him, and I did my best to be as supportive as I could. And he gave me much advice, including writing advice, which is why I now blog…he told me to practice writing. I told him that I needed a vacation and he promised to take me on one at some point. I do have to say that digging out the letters revealed that he reneged on a hike and lunch picnic in Wissahickon Creek Park; I was actually looking forward to that! So if we ever meet again in life, HE OWES ME. Lol. We discussed going to the King Tut Exhibition together, too. But we mostly discussed how we felt.

We discussed how much we felt like we weren’t strangers. We shared our disappointments in life, and our hopes for the future. We discussed how much spending that night together meant to us….for reasons that were more than physical, though that was a reason, too…I was, at that point, VERY attracted to him, and I think I can say that he felt the same way. I had been with him already, at least 10 times, in my mind. The more we talked, the more we became comfortable, the more we became emotionally connected, and the more we were physically excited – but we didn’t discuss the physical part much…we didn’t have to because it was like a cloud surrounding us – it was just THERE. But, he was also going through something personal, and I wasn’t sure if the next time we saw one another was going to be the right time to consummate our feelings; I was concerned about him. He was such a good man and just an all around decent human being, so I wanted to do right by him, no matter what was to ever happen between us. To me, we could have stayed the way that we were without ever changing our dynamic because I truly enjoyed HIM as a person. Take away all of the material things, any educational achievements, and strip him down to nothing…..I just liked the essence of who he was. I missed him terribly and I barely knew him; I was in trouble and I didn’t even know it.

Meet me here – same time, same place tomorrow?
I leave you with a quote:
“If the writing is honest it cannot be separated from the man who wrote it.” Tennessee Williams


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