Love Letter 3 – The Morning After


Waking up together.


*Side note: I was worried about the accuracy of my memory in regards to this relationship, so this evening, I dug up some old letters to re-acquaint myself. Surprisingly, I think I have remembered quite a bit of it, but, I have to say…I was overwhelmed and blown away by the depth of the feelings that these two people had for each other, and I know it’s about me and I’m saying “these two people”, but I need to say it that way because I was attempting to look at it as if I was an outsider.  Again, totally floored by the depth of care – it was like reading a Harlequin Super-Romance combined with the lust and sensuality of the Zane novels. There was a lot of admiration, care, and respect between these two – I could actually feel it while I was reading, and I feel extra-inspired to write this evening.

I was saying how great the morning was.  It was great because I had the pleasure of waking up next to someone who I was really starting to like, and who was treating me with an enormous amount of consideration and respect. Interestingly, our dinner date was reversed, because, what normally happens after a good date is not what happened between us – it happened the next morning.  He kissed me.

And since I was already deciding that I liked him THAT way, I said what the hell, and decided I was going to kiss him back the way that I felt about him, so I wrapped my legs around his waist and locked them, wrapped my arms around his back and kissed him like he was my favorite chocolate dessert…it even took MY breath away.  And I continued to kiss him that way.  Yes, other things happened, but no, sorry to disappoint, we did not go down that road.  Not because I didn’t want to.  But when he started to kiss me back the way I was kissing him and my back started to arch – I knew I had to get out of there and think; I needed to decide if I really liked him, and if I did, would taking the next step be good for him? Would it be good for me? He was probably disappointed, but he was respectful about it.  So I started getting ready to go and he asked me to go to the bathroom. I said, “I don’t have to go.” He asked me again and I thought it was weird, but I went anyway.  When he told me to come out….OMG – he had glasses on. Now, THAT is a weakness of mine: a handsome, smart man in glasses? Right then and there, I knew it was just a matter of time before what we started would be finished!

We said our goodbyes and as I was driving home, I went in my purse, and I realized that he put something in there – while I was in the bathroom.  I don’t want to say what it was, but it was so, so sweet of him, and it was so endearing that I will never forget what he did, and it made me like him even more.

I decided then that he deserved something extra-nice from me for how nice he was treating me; I was seeing him again in 2.5 weeks – my plan was to give him what he deserved when that time came around.  That extra-nice thing may or may not be the next post because some interesting things happened within that 2.5 week period. See you tomorrow night. 🙂


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