Love Letter 2 – Dinner and the first night


I was late.

 I thought I left with enough time but the traffic was insane that night. By the time I reached him, he had already eaten dinner.  But, being the gentleman he is, he waited there for me so that I could have some dinner.  I said, “I’m only eating if you promise to share dessert with me, and it has to be something chocolate.” He laughed and gave me his word that he would.

I was finding that I really enjoyed being around him because we had such great, intimate conversations.  He trusted me to tell me about something he was going through, and my heart ached for him.  Seriously.  I barely knew him, yet somehow, I felt like I knew the essence of who he was. I listened to him and learned so much from him from our talk that night, and I had been right about his voice – he IS strong…he IS kind.  Far more generous than most men I had ever met, and I don’t mean monetarily.  And he showed me something that shocked the hell out of me that made me like him as a person even more, made me truly respect him as a man.  Sorry – can’t speak on that here – too private.  But it was very sweet and endearing.  I liked him.  But still not in THAT way.  Our talk was getting very serious by the time I was ready for chocolate dessert.  I asked, “Are you going to share it with me?” He answered, “Of course.” Our conversation changed from serious to giggly fun as we shared chocolate cake…and then there was just us, the restaurant was empty.  Time flies….

We left and I decided to stop at his place for a few minutes.  As we walked down the street together, I asked while laughing, “Hey – you’re not a serial killer, are you?”He answered, “No, are you?”  I felt like it was a question that I should have asked, not one that I NEEDED to ask, because, for some reason, I trusted him. And, yes, of course I checked out his ass again! Still looked like a great one to me – so I didn’t imagine it. Lol. I get really bad backaches and this was one of the nights when I had one.  And by the time we got to his place, I was exhausted, so he invited me to stay and gave me his bed – he insisted on sleeping on the couch because of my back. I said, “Well, let’s see. I don’t know if I feel right kicking you out of your bed- you’re too tall for the couch!” We kept talking, and ended up in a cuddly position as I was leaning on him and he was gently hugging me, but my back  was throbbing. And then he asked me if I wanted him to rub my back. I smiled. “Of course.” And he did…no funny business.  He has great hands – not just because he was rubbing my back, he really just has great hands – I used to love looking at them because they looked so strong. So when he was finished, he got up and went to sit on the couch and I laid out on the bed and kept talking with him, but he looked so uncomfortable…I said, “Look, just comer over here and sleep in your bed – I can’t kick you out of it.  But I’ll make a suggestion: if you promise to behave, we can lay here together.”  He gave his word that he’d be on his best behavior, and we lay there, my head resting on the left side of his chest, his left arm around my shoulder…in the dark…softly talking to each other until we fell asleep.

No, nothing happened.  And he didn’t even try – he was a perfect gentleman.  When I woke up and realized that I didn’t get rubbed on or felt up on and that we just held each other and slept that way, my feelings started to change.  I guess my body recognized that subconsciously, because when I woke up, I noticed I had my legs intertwined with his.  It was an early morning with the sun shining in on us that I will always remember…it was a GREAT morning.

Tomorrow night, I’ll tell you what made my morning so awesome.


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