Love Letter 1- The Beginning


I’m excited to introduce a new series on my blog called “Love Letters” about a relationship I was in.  By the end of the series, you’ll understand why it deserved to be in print.  I hope you enjoy it.

I met him online. I wasn’t really into meeting anyone at the time other than genuine companionship as I had many things going on in my life at the time – I had recently lost a job due to lay-offs and was devastated by the turn of events.  A relationship was not the furthest thing from my mind, it was not on my mind at all!  And I had broken up with someone a few months before so I recognized the need to be single for a little while.

The first thing I noticed was his writing. It was impeccable. Big, big plus. He was vague and cautious, but friendly.  In a world of a dozen emails I had received, I really only liked his emails.  Well, there was one other, and he turned out to be a complete weirdo when we met at a local coffee shop so that was the end of that. So the man I decided to converse with via email had my attention when I wasn’t job hunting or making an attempt to start a new business.  He sent me a photo, and although he wasn’t my type, he was definitely handsome. And then we talked on the phone. The only way that I can describe his voice is to say that I loved it; he sounded strong and confident, yet kind at the same time. The entire conversation I kept thinking, “I gotta tell him he needs to get into voice-overs!” We decided to meet each other after speaking (mainly via email) for about 2 weeks.

When the weekend we planned to meet came up, I began to want to bail.  I mean, the last guy ended up being a creep, so I just was not inclined to have that happen a second time. I cancelled on him the first night.  The second night, my girlfriend got into a huge fight with her boyfriend – right in front of me, and it was pretty bad so I had to stay with her.  The third night, we did finally meet, but not without yet another complication/delay.  Interestingly, my ex whom I had broken up with just 4 months prior called me and wanted to meet for lunch.  I obliged him- I did still care about him and he’s a great guy; obviously, it was a very amicable break-up.  I don’t understand men sometimes – it’s almost like they can smell when you’re moving on and they come back to cause chaos after you’ve spent the past…whatever amount of time….trying to create a good relationship with them.  I was not impressed, I just wanted to go meet the guy who I cancelled on – twice now.  While my ex was driving me to where I left my car, he unexpectedly gets on the highway.  I ask him where he’s going. He tells me to his mother’s house. Interesting, isn’t it? Especially because I’ve never met his mother! I say, “Hey – I can’t go up to that part of town – I have to be somewhere.”  He says, “It won’t take long – promise.” I give him a pouty face and he just laughs and keeps driving on the highway. Ugh. Men. Lol.

I finally make it back into town – late at this point – but I finally get to meet HIM. I guess I have to give him a name, huh?  I’ll think about a name. So….I meet him – and I’m now sick, having eaten a bad slice of pizza.  He greets me by my car, and he looks just like his photo, but better in person.  We decide to walk over to a bar for drinks and I say, “Not too far with these heels or I’ll have to get my flats out of the car!”  He smiles at me and tells me he likes the heels I have on so we won’t walk too far. He’s so….calm. I like it. So, we’re walking and he’s a few steps ahead of me as he’s tall and I get to check his butt out.  Okay, may I just say this: the man has a GREAT ass.  Seriously.  I wanted to reach out and spank it! Lol. Anyway, we get to the bar, and I order ginger ale because my stomach is a mess.  We keep talking – our conversation walking over was light, but it flowed naturally. Now he’s sitting across from me and I’m thinking, “He’s really nice looking, but so not my type.”  But I love our conversation – we discussed so many things – places we’ve lived in, some colleges, and he even knew about Caribbean culture, which gave him at least 10K cool points in my mind – I was impressed.  The man was super-smart – I mean, the kind of smart that gets this sapiosexual chica going.  But…I’m not interested in him in “that way” for some reason.  I definitely want him as a friend, though- he seems…..way cool. And, he wouldn’t tell me where he worked! I loved the air of mystery; he was definitely intriguing. Again, he is cautious, but he’s friendly. We ended the night with him walking me back to my car and we made plans to have dinner the next night. And, he didn’t try anything funny. He was a gentleman the entire night and I started feeling bad that I flaked on him the first night. I promised myself I would not be late for dinner with him tomorrow; I did not want him to have to wait for me because he’s the kind of guy you don’t show up late for. Just to reiterate, I’m not interested in him other than friendship, but he sure has a slappable ass!

See you tomorrow evening for our dinner date post.  And maybe I’ll have a name for HIM. (smile)


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