In NYC and looking for a super-romantic, educational CHEAP date?


Photo by Victor Chu, taken at an Orchid Evening at the NYBG.


Fellas (ladies, too), wow your date with a visit to the New York Botanical Gardens.  From March 3rd until April 22nd, 2012, they are featuring “Orchid Evenings at the Orchid Show: Patrick Blanc’s Vertical Gardens”. You will see (and smell!) all of the wonderful orchids on display under the stars- and there are thousands, sip on the evening’s signature cocktail called “The Vanilla Ginger Moon”, all while being entertained by a DJ (depending on the night, either Julio Pezua or Tim Michaels).  While I haven’t personally gone to the evening show, I have attended events at the NYBG, and I can confidently say that you will not be disappointed. I hear that women are being proposed to at this venue, so it must be romantic!  With your entry ticket, you also get up to 20% off or a free glass of wine at participating restaurants such as Sardi’s – a great restaurant in Manhattan’s theater district; good food. I’d hit the restaurant up first, then do the Orchid Show as a night cap.

The best part?  All of this for only $30.00. Amazing!  Education, free drinks, free flowers – I think your night will turn out well- she’ll be using my line, “Wow. Let me say that backwards…WOW!”  Drop me a line if you go and let me know what you think…in the meantime, I’m logging off to go find myself an Orchid Evening date!


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