Thank You!

It’s been over 1 month since I wrote the “Now I lay me down to sleep” post, and I am so grateful to the people who wrote to me to wish me well – I want to say a public THANK YOU for the uplifting and encouraging words/thoughts I received via email. Some of you wrote to me some time ago and I apologize for just acknowledging the emails but I am just getting back to some normalcy after a myriad of serious complications.


I’m glad to be alive! My mother said that the first thing I said when I woke up from anesthesia was, “I didn’t die!” Lol. I was so very paranoid – general anesthesia is scary and risky; who wants to be intubated and unconscious? Yuck!

Thank you to my small group of close friends and to my family who have been holding me down for the past month – you really do learn who your friends truly are in such times, which is why I wrote “my small group of close friends”! I love you guys not just because of the gifts of candy, stuffed animals, and cards, but because of the empathy I received and how you all genuinely continue to be concerned for me/my health.

Anyway, since I’m alive and kicking (somewhat! Lol), I am writing some new posts that I will put up later today or tomorrow – they’re good ones! About relationships and being alone, about dating and sex…and maybe some more things about rap music, which helped me feel better a lot of the time over the past month…thank you, Weezy!

More later.


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