Beyonce and Ashanti know how to Get Him to Commit, Part III

So, you want to get your boyfriend to commit?  If you really read the following lyrics and understand them, you will know how!

Being true to yourself and your own wants, needs, and desires is key. You also need to know when a guy is actually in a place where he is able to commit – he may be a good guy but the timing is off; sometimes, “life” happens, and you need to give him allowances for that.

To get yourself off to a good start, Beyonce has a song called “Upgrade You”.  Practically verbatim, she sings exactly how a woman needs to be to get a man to commit:

You need a real woman in your life,
That’s a good look
Taking care of  home and still fly…
I’m gonna help you build up your account…
When you’re in them big meetings for the mills
You take me just to compliment the deal
Anything you cop I’ll split the bill…
Partner let me upgrade you,
Audemars Piguet you…<a brand of watches>
Switch your neck ties to purple labels <A Ralph Lauren clothing line>
Upgrade you
Partner let me upgrade you –
Flip a new page
Introduce you to some new things &
Upgrade you….

So, in other words:

Be independent, have your own things (your own car, your own apartment or house, a job, etc), be financially independent and able to contribute if necessary, be someone he can be proud of mentally (keep yourself stimulated and develop a sense of humor) and physically (look good, dress well, take care of yourself!), and, yes, maybe introduce him to some things that he may have never known before or thought he could do/say/or be.  Be mysterious!  All of those things require you to be taking care of YOU and focusing on YOU, so that you can learn how to balance being focused in a relationship and how to consider someone else’s needs, wants and desires.

Now how Ashanti can help is more of a private matter:

See the things I possess, a lot of women don’t,
And the things I’mma do for mine, most won’t,
I hear ’em talkin’ bout it when I’m up in the salon-
Cryin’ cause they man ain’t come home, I try to tell ’em…

When my man leaves the house, I know he’s comin’ right back
I got that good good, I got that good good
No matter how much he might try to act, he know just where it’s at
I got that good good, I got that good good

I put it on him right, I do it every night
I leave him sittin’ mouth open like “Whew!”
So, I don’t worry ’bout nobody takin’ mine
Cause I know just the right thing to do….

Let your man be the man when he’s in public,
Even though behind the scenes y’all be runnin’,
Let him run with his boys, let him play his little games,
Let him drive his Cadillac, don’t worry he’ll be back!

Now THAT doesn’t need any translation!

And, if you really want to push him over the edge, every once in a while give him Rick Ross’ line, “I’ll do anything that you say, yes, anything, because…..

….YOU THE BOSS”.  Promise you he’ll love it!


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