Blog Update and Happy Thanksgiving!

I didn’t forget you guys! I’m still writing even though I haven’t posted in a few weeks and have several things I will be posting over the next few days as I have some leisure time- sometimes my life gets crazy (I’m not fibbing! Lol. Look at my calendar on the front page and you’ll see how crazy it gets!), and I just can’t make it over here. I’ll be discussing etiquette, chivalry, there will be a “Get him to commit, Part III”, and a post about embracing who you are/where you are/knowing your purpose.

You will notice that I’ve made some adjustments to this blog – I took the privacy off of some posts that were published at one time and have made them public again so that my readers can hopefully learn something new, I also took some posts down. If there’s a post that interests you that I’ve taken down, please email me about it and I will send it to you. I might even put it back up if someone tells me it was/is helpful.

Thanks to all of my readers for your patience…and a big thank you to the awesome men and women who take time out of their busy lives to email me and share their thoughts; once upon a time, I preferred the comments to be public, but now, I kinda-sorta have grown fond of how the posts I write on my random thoughts/ramblings inspire really thoughtful and intelligent emails from you all. It’s the main reason why I keep blogging.



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