Men are dumber, but women are crazier.

You say you want a woman who doesn’t nag you, who doesn’t try to control you, who doesn’t manipulate you, yada, yada, yada (Jerry Seinfeld! Lol). When you have such a woman, you don’t recognize or appreciate that that is what you have, and when you have a woman who is the complete opposite, you cover for her – or maybe it’s just that some of us women are so smart at hiding our intentions that you’re oblivious? What’s quite obvious to us women – that you’re being controlled and being allowed to think and believe that it’s YOU who is in control, is so NOT obvious to you (you know, how we agree with whatever you want, but deep down inside we’re like, “Hmm…he just doesn’t know it won’t STAY this way! I will have and get what ‘I’ want eventually!”.) If this fact doesn’t prove how much smarter we are than men, I don’t know what does!

8 classic ways women manipulate and control you naive men and you fall for it (and it’s happened to men that I know personally) – the best one is at the end:

1. “I don’t want any kids right now, either – of COURSE I’m on the pill and take it faithfully every day and of course I will tell you if I forgot so we can have a back-up plan!” (You just took her word because you know you can trust her, right? Keep messing around like that, you’ll be hearing your name as “daddy” in about 2.5 years!).

2. “I love you. It doesn’t matter if we get married or not, I just want to be with you, whatever that means, and however we can make it work.” (Really? If she made any drastic changes in her life in the past year – no matter how subtle or unrelated to you it might APPEAR….lies. Trust me – there IS an agenda, even if the agenda is one that she will wait years for!)

3. She’s so helpful and/or gives great advice in so many different areas in your life….this is to keep tabs on you and to stay in your business. Aww…you thought she was just helping, huh?

4. She wants to be friends with your friends – acquaintances can work, too – don’t really need friendship – as long as she’s able to be in contact with your friends, she knows she can indirectly get the scoop on you now….AND later when you break up.

5. She’s educated, super-smart, “gets along well with others”, has a plan for everything, doesn’t give you any drama, may even be beautiful and dress well….and she’s like this for 2 years straight- you’re so in love with her – she’s not perfect, but she’s close to it. Then here comes the real her: THE CRAZY. The thing is….she showed you her crazy all along the first two years, you just didn’t see it, unfortunately…..remember number 2? Look out for drastic and/or life-altering changes that appear to NOT be about you – and find out how she behaves when you’re not around her!

6. She puts it down all the time in every single way you love and thought was possible and it’s GOOD (or at least decent). Then when she gets whatever it is that she wants from you (remember, some if us are prepared to wait – years even!), that libido goes D O W N. Waaaay down. Better recognize!

7. She says, “I’m really okay with meeting you whenever you can meet to be your personal booty call, I’m not interested in a relationship with you.” But she’s really NOT okay with it and secretly hoping to be the one you turn to when you’re ready for a relationship. Then when you take her out for a drink and tell her that you have a girlfriend now, so the booty calls are over, she’s like, “But, I love you!” You’re warned! How you can avoid the naivete here: If there aren’t any other men in her life besides you (translation- you have to hunt HER down for the booty call because she’s busy with her life), you’re gonna have a crazy woman on your hands when you tell her about the girlfriend! (Note: This only applies to men who have been honest with Miss Booty Call – if you threw some lies in there, or lied by omission, yeah….you deserve the crazy your butt is gonna get!).

8. The woman who scopes you out during college or at the height of success in your career and makes a plan to land you, no matter what, at all costs. This will be the best, most understanding girlfriend/fiance you will ever have! Some time after co-habitating or marriage, you slowly start to realize she doesn’t really care about YOU as much as she cares about what you REPRESENT. Here’s how to get a clue: any woman you’re with whom you can’t share something with that is very important to you because you are afraid of retribution – you can’t say you want to be alone or need some space, you can’t say you want to hang out with a male friend, etc, because it will just be a PROBLEM….yeah – you might want to think long and hard about this, ‘cuz guess what? This is the big one: she REALLY played on your naivete’!

So there you have it, 8 classic ways we dog you guys, and we’re doing it quite often. If you want to hear some more ways we do this, let me know. Take time and get to know the person you’re dating and PAY ATTENTION TO THE SUBTLE THINGS – you men are so oblivious – and not just sometimes, a lot of the time!


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