If you don’t know me personally: getting into my head

I’m what you call a keep-it-real person…also known to be a ride or die/down-ass-chick! 🙂 This blog post is being written to give a little bit more insight into my personality so the reader can have a better understanding of where I’m coming from; I sometimes receive emails asking me questions about my frame of mind as opposed to the content. I openly admit that the critical inquiries are from women! Some are just interested in getting in my head, which is cool, and some are a tad bit offensive and defensive, so here goes:

I don’t sugar coat things, and I don’t beat the bush. When I like something, I say it, and when I don’t like something, I say that, too. People always know exactly where they stand with me. And I don’t play with people’s feelings or emotions, and I am definitely an advocate of good health practices.

I don’t have a hidden agenda – no one has asked me this one yet, but I’m putting it out there, just in case. Yes, I DO like women! Lol. I just think a lot of women are either misguided or clueless and either prefer to be pretentious or manipulative/controlling to get the things that they want in life – regarding men and/or otherwise. I’d like us to be better with that, so I might come off as being down on women but I’m not – I mean, I AM a woman! Some of us need a wake-up call. And some of us think that the world revolves around us because we have a certain body part….survey says “URRRNNHHH!” No, I am not easy on men – I just happen to like them – even though, yes, they’re quite different from us – but I accept who they are; I love the very essence of what makes men…well men! Testosterone. Yeah. I dig them. Yes, I do prefer it when people write as if they aren’t texting, so if you email me and I’m a tad on the aloof side, did you text me? Lol. Did you write to me with an attitude? First impressions are everything, people.

And this is for you, guys: While I do enjoy compliments and the occasional flirting, I’m not blogging with any kind of dating in mind. I’m good in that department, trust me!

I hope this gives everyone a better understanding of “me”.


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