One of my loves: Z o u k Dancing

Z o u k Dancing is a form of dancing that originated in the French Caribbean Islands, particularly Martinique and Guadeloupe, with influences from the island of Dominica and Haiti. The dance is quite popular in different countries in Africa, in Europe – particularly France, and in Quebec, Canada. It is also popular in Brazil, although Brazilian Z o u k (Lambada) is a little different from traditional Z o u k. The word Z o u k means “party” or “festival”. How you dance Z o u k is easy: change the weight from one leg to the other on the beat of the music while rotating your waist/hips to the music at the same time- experienced couples who dance Z o u k will incorporate exotic twists and turns into their dancing…Z o u k music is simply divine, and mostly sung in French unless it’s Ragga-Z o u k or Brazilian Z o u k. Take a look at some Z o u k here and come back and finish reading:

There are a few styles of Z o u k Dancing which include, but is not limited to:

~Traditional Z o u k (French Caribbean)

~Z o u k-Love (Angolan and Cape Verdean Z o u k)

~R&B Z o u k (New Generation)

~Ragga-Z o u k (Dance-hall infused)

I love Z o u k Dancing because it’s good exercise, and easy for me to do because of my cultural background – we dance with our legs, waist, and hips. It’s fun, it’s sexy, and a dance you usually need a partner for, which makes it even better (at least for me). I’m looking forward to resuming my classes this fall…it’s hard to find an instructor who really knows traditional Z o u k, but I still encourage people to take the class – you’ll have a great time and you’ll understand why I have love for Z o u k.

I leave you with one more Z o u k video performed by the same awesome couple you just watched for your enjoyment:


3 Responses to “One of my loves: Z o u k Dancing”

  1. Hey,

    Great post.
    I love the last performance.

    Where do you put Brazilian style zouk, is that what you call
    “R&B Zouk (New Generation)” ?


  2. Hey,

    Great post, I love the performance video at the end. Who is that ?

    Where do you put the Brazilian style of zouk, is that what you call “R&B Zouk (New Generation)” ?


    • Hi – i would put Brazilian Zouk in the same class as Caribbean Zouk. I can’t remember the performers’ names, but it is in the video comments.

      Thanks for commenting. 🙂

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