The Best S e d u c t i o n

The root of seduction…where it all begins is in the mind. Also, anticipation creates a certain kind of “air”. If you want to seduce someone, the first step is to get them interested in your mind.

Love letters (I am not talking about email here!) are a great way to seduce. When was the last time you took out your monogrammed stationary, sat at your desk and composed a letter to the source of your affection? If it’s been so long that the container that holds your stationary is collecting dust, I suggest blowing the dust off and get to writing! Be creative. Be honest. Be subtly sexy. Spray your favorite scent in the air and walk through it with the letter so that your letter catches the smell…and ladies….don’t forget to seal it with a kiss (make sure you have lipstick or lip gloss on!).

Read other people’s love letters. Read poetry – some of the best poets for love and seduction are Elizabeth Barrett Browning, E.E. Cummings, Pablo Neruda, and Lord Byron. Very inspiring in many, many ways!

Talk sexy! And if you’re shy, just do it – the more you do it, the better you will get at it. Practice makes perfect.

Ladies: Wear sexy lingerie/underwear under your regular clothes. Not because you have plans later. Do it just because! There’s nothing better than a woman who KNOWS she is sexy and behaves that way naturally and doesn’t PLAN to be sexy, right fellas? ;-). Wearing sexy things makes you FEEL sexy. And once in a while, maybe while out on your highly anticipated night out with that special man in your life, go bare.

Don’t forget the other great seductive tactic: The element of surprise! Surprise him and greet him at the door with his favorite drink/glass of wine in hand….with just his tie on for your attire and some heels. Or be waiting for him after work in a rose filled bathtub (note the orchid bath in the photo above, and orchids smell DIVINE)….make sure there’s music playing in the background and fruit nearby in addition to the candles! Then give him a nice, long back rub. Show up at his job with a picnic basket in the spring or the fall and go on a picnic – surprise him with what you might (or might not!) have on underneath your trench coat! Gentlemen, you can also do these things, these aren’t limited to women, okay? đŸ™‚

Ok, I can’t give them all away – maybe some of you readers will share some of your seducing secrets with me!


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