Coming off of my hiatus

Since so many people are asking me where I’ve been hiding, I decided to make my calendar public; the majority of people who read my blog are about 60% friends and family, so I don’t mind sharing. For the stalkers and internet trolls, it’s just a general calendar, nothing too specific, so don’t get too happy! But as you will see, I get bursts of “busy”, and then things slow down. For example, I’m super-busy until about May…then things slow down a bit, then I get a burst again early July, and then it’s Q U I E T until October. So catch me when you can! I am also very busy trying to write my book, remember, this blog is just for “practice” writing. Anyhoo, for those who do read and then email me (you guys never publicly post your comments, you’d rather email or FB inbox me- what is UP with that?), you’re always welcome to continue emailing me, even if I’m incognito (my “real life” friends know what I REALLY mean when I use that word!). So, when I do post again, which will be VERY soon, I will be back with a vengeance! Have lots of thoughts to put up – controversial thoughts, relationship thoughts, monogamy thoughts, and sex thoughts! Until then, if you ever wonder where I might be, look here: Calendar.


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