Embrace your Femininity

I think that sometimes, some of us women who are career focused forget that we are WOMEN. We think that because we feel that we don’t NEED a man and simply WANT one, that it’s okay to bring that masculine attitude with us when we’re done with work.  We get so into this masculine role, that we forget that it needs to be turned off. Yes, some of us have jobs where we need to be aggressive as well as assertive; sometimes not very friendly, or we will not be taken seriously by our peers and colleagues. We do what we need to do to keep that direct deposit coming in bi-weekly.  But…do YOU, as a woman, want a man who brings his work attitude on his date with you when you meet him tonight at 6PM? Do you want him to be curt, short, dismissive, and so into everything going on in his environment that he hasn’t once REALLY noticed the woman across from him now…YOU? Of course not.  And guess what?  He doesn’t want to be with one of his colleagues at 6PM, either – he did ask a woman out, so give him the  WOMAN he’s looking for! Take it down when you are not at work. Leave your laptop in the office, in the car, etc., and bring your cute little clutch. Put on your little black cocktail dress, some lip gloss, and your killer heels.  Don’t forget to leave that work ‘tude at WORK, and bring YOU. And don’t forget to occasionally tuck your hair back behind your ear; it IS feminine, afterall!


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