What’s wrong with strip clubs and poles?

Ok, really?

I like going to strip clubs every so often, so what? I have a good time when I go with my girlfriends, creating havoc from the jealousy of the dancers as the guys start to pay US attention! But, I especially like it when I go with who I’m dating; oh, you ladies have NO CLUE what you are missing out on when you do this! Get him a lapdance.  Tell him to go tip one of the dancers.  Matter of fact, YOU get up and tip her! You are going to be rewarded heavily when you get home, I promise you that!  But, you’ve got to do it and ENJOY doing it- not because I’m suggesting it or because you want to please your partner and deep down inside you really hate it!  If you are not comfortable with your own sexuality, with your partner, and secure in your relationship, you will NOT have a good time. Let’s not forget that men have high levels of testosterone and that they are visual human beings; if you think your guy isn’t looking at other (attractive) women, you are in for a rude awakening; you need to embrace who men are (if you want one!). I find that there are a lot of women who don’t like the essence of what makes men, well, MEN…women expect to be accepted with their unpredictable moods and PMS, yet men need to “curb” who they are; it’s hypocrisy at a level that is embarassing because I love men! And, there are some women who just don’t like men, period…but that’s an entirely different topic which I’ll write about at some point. By the way, I am not saying ALL men enjoy going to these kinds of venues, because many don’t.  But if YOUR guy is one that does enjoy going there from time to time, maybe instead of being a tad bit on the judgmental and insecure side, maybe next time try going with him or giving him his own private show at home…complete with a pole and all! Speaking of poles…

I do understand that there are some prudish people in this world.  But, I am sick to death of women giving me “the look” when I tell them I take pole dancing classes…you know, that incredulous look that says, “You do WHAT?”  First of all, you burn so many calories – it’s a great workout.  Secondly, it’s FUN! And third, it really does enhance your sexual confidence, and that fosters BETTER bedroom activities for you and your partner! So, where is the issue here? I think I may ask one of my pole instructors, who is also a physical therapist,  to come here and speak on this.

Go ahead and tell me what you really think…I’m ready and waiting!


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